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Fashion Editorial: Citizenry by Photone Photography

Fashion Editorial: Citizenry by Photone Photography


Photographer: Oz John Tekson (Photone Photography)
Model: Kelleth Cuthbert (Sutherland)
Make-up: Heather Snowie
Hair: Allison Kam
Wardrobe: Fernando Ferreira editorial story: Paula Seica


We have all seen it. In the garments and shoes of various fashion designers from all over the world. A tag reading “Made in Portugal”. For many years, Portugal has been a source of textiles and production in the international fashion world. It was only by the 1980’s that the fashion design industry flourished in Portugal with the birth of specialty schools. This late development in the culture is clear in Toronto, Canada; where one of the largest Portuguese communities outside of Portugal exists. With the majority immigrating before the 1980’s, this community would bring with them the traditions and culture of the Portugal of that time. The implementation of typical bakeries and traditional Portuguese “Churrasqueiras” (bbq chicken) were among the most popular.

Although an extraordinarily large community, there has been a lacuna in the availability of Portuguese contemporary art and High fashion. Citizenry, owned and operated by a young Portuguese couple, was born from this observation. A boutique attributing added value to our country in this very multi cultural city. Featuring high fashion designers out of Portugal.

Showcasing Portuguese culture and attitude never experienced before in Toronto. Citizenry exclusively showcases to Toronto, 3 great Portuguese designers. Storytailors, Daniela Barros and Dominique. Storytailors – a duo from Lisbon who’s Fairytale inspired pieces hang in the closets of Lily Allen to Madonna. As the name suggests, every piece tells a story and every runway show a magical journey into a fantasyland… Avant guard and Experimental Daniela Barros is a very young designer based out of Porto, Portugal. With her eye on the international market, she has her line already available in the UK, Hong Kong and Paris.

Dominique is a recent discovery out of Portugal, making a name for herself with her obscure, handmade accessories. Some of which have already caught the attention of both Canadian and American high-end retailers. These along with many other treasures are present at citizenry. From the antique family heir looms, to the vintage Portuguese guitar on the wall, to the bairro alto inspired fado music playing, this fashion / café hybrid shop is more than a unique find, it is an experience.

Citizenry hopes to contribute to the city’s diversity, culture or at the very least evoke curiosity. There are many secrets to explore and discover at Citizenry.

Look 1: Black and Silver, Top: Pansy by Storytailors, Portuga, Skirt: Malmequer by Storytailors, Portugal
Look 2: Grey/Fur Sleeve Dress, Bolero and dress: Goldstar Collection by Storytailors, Portugal
Look 3: Collar/Cuff, Collar and cuff by Paula Real, Portugal, Black drape shorts by Daniela Barros, Portugal
Look 4: White Shirt/Pink, Pulsing blouse, jabot, and skirt by Storytailors, Portugal