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Chris Hutton – Oxygen (Official Music Video)


Produced by Jacqui Casey and co-starring the beautiful Abigal Reno, “Oxygen” is a sober take on what love looks like in real life. Shot on the streets of Hollywood, the storyline follows the rise of a budding relationship and the true-to-life trials that one couple experiences. These romantic scenes are interspersed with shots of Hutton, alone in a white room, being splattered with blue paint. In these more interpretive moments, the vibrant colors represent hope for the future and longing for healing from the past. Both dark and uplifting, it all culminates in an uncertain, twist of an ending that will have you questioning everything you’ve just watched. Check out Chris Hutton’s music video for “Oxygen.”

Los Angeles musician, Chris Hutton, tells the story of heartbreak and healing on his new EP, “Oxygen.” Hutton’s unique style, described by A&R Factory as “tangibly magnetic,” is radio-synth-pop meets booming basslines and authentic lyrics. The songwriter brings his experiences and emotions to each track he writes, crafting sounds that take listeners through the melodic world he’s created with his music. He’s performed at LA’s House of Blues and Hotel Cafe, bringing his infectious brand of pop music to audiences throughout Southern California. On his latest release, he mixes experimentation and storytelling into ultra-magnetic hooks and deeply personal tracks.

Produced by Enoch Yang and Adam Watts, the album blasts off with the irresistible “Bathroom Floor.” This heartbreak anthem is a powerful blast of pop hooks, exploding to a rock-influenced breakdown where Hutton belts to pure perfection.

The funky “Mine” was born from the ashes of another idea completely, coming to life via expert production and layers of glistening instrumentation. Packed with 80’s electro vibes, Hutton creates the lusty, forbidden fruit track that we’ve all been waiting for. Things come to an emotional head with the intense ballad, “Burn.” Inspired by the moment Hutton saw Notre Dame burning down, the track transforms that feeling of helplessness into aching heartbreak. Equal parts tragic love song and an ode to a historical landmark, it’s one of the standout vocal moments on the EP. On “Crossfire,” Hutton explores having feelings for someone he can’t be with. Bursting with colorful rhythms and a powerhouse chorus, every melodic moment of the track is twinkling with unstoppable passion. The first single, “Oxygen,” sneaks up on you with its mysterious ambiance and whispering vocals. Hutton crafts an intense, sensationalized sense of what love looks like when you’re broken. It builds in intensity with glitzy basslines and euphoric falsetto, showcasing new layers of sonic exploration with each listen.

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