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Kanye West sits down with the breakfast club Charlamagne the god and they discuss Multitude of topics from his Clothing line, to his breakdown last year, Obama, Jay-Z, Beyonce and of course his relationship with Donald Trump.
I became a fashion designer because fashion is my passionate and I love to design and the artistic side of the fashion being creative in art and designs. I always love to draw so it came to my mind to start designing T-Shirts and from there I began to have a passion for fashion industry.
Brazilian-born WANDER AGUIAR has always been fascinated with people and the art of photography; he got his first camera on age 12 and started shooting his family members on vacations trips. Four years after that he was discovered as a model and since than has done many runways and appeared in many campaign.
Let's dive into the dark side of modeling. Many people believe that fashion is all about glitter, fame, pretty clothes and a lot of traveling. Well, that's true but it has a more sinister side to it.. Ever heard about casting couch ? The more you suck, the more roles you get. Sorry to be rude but hey, don't play innocent.
Everybody has, at least once in their lifetime, ask themselves if they were ready to go full nude someday. Even thought nudity is a taboo subject, magazines, movies, tabloids always find a way to get around that awkwardness.
I am first generation Philippine American. My brother, Gerard, and I were raised on Jones Street in Jersey City. It’s much gentrified now, but when we were growing up, it was the type of neighborhood where you would think twice about going to the deli after 7pm. There was a lot of graffiti, many panhandlers, heavy loitering on the street corners, stripped cars, and a lot of noise from neighbors yelling at people on the street to turn down their boom boxes.