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Castlevania Anime Series Trailer Makes Its Debut


We’ve been waiting to hear about when we can expect the new Castlevania animated series that was announced for Netflix earlier this year, and the good news is that we won’t have to wait any longer.

The trailer for the first part of the debut season of the series has made its debut over on the Netflix Latina channel (we’ll update with a link to the U.S. version once it’s live), and it appears that not only will the series have a beautiful art style (as demonstrated by the team at Frederator Studios, but it’s not coming later this year – it’s coming this July.

We’ve embedded the trailer below, and although it’s a bit on the brief side (under a minute), it paints a very clear picture of what to expect from the series. We see a castle appearing in the background, with a voiceover telling us there is a darkness upon the land. A “savior” is needed, and it appears that we have a Belmont character appearing into the frame.

Just as soon as someone asks who they are, the hero belts out his whip with a bloody effect, and notes, “The man who’ll kill Dracula.” However, before that point, we see a lot of dramatic clips from the show, including Dracula rising out of his grave and a number of shots that indicate just what kind of action we’re in for.

The trailer also notes that the series is coming “7 De Julio,” which translates as July 7th. Now, this could just be for the Latina market for the streaming channel, so that’s not finalized as a U.S. date just yet. However, considering that it looks pretty damn well completed, it probably won’t be too long before it sees its premiere, followed by the rest of the season and a second season to debut months later.

We talked about the Castlevania trailer at great length in the past, sitting down with producer Adi Shankar (the man behind the gritty adult-oriented Power Rangers movie on YouTube), who explains the kind of effort that went into the show. And, yep, it certainly looks that way.

Again, we’ll update this story as we get an official U.S. trailer and launch date, but, for now, gaze upon the greatness of the Belmont legacy in the embedded trailer and included gallery!