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Why Casinos are Popular with Film Makers

Why Casinos are Popular with Film Makers


There is something about a casino that makes it an appealing setting in which to stage key scenes of a movie. Of course, these tend to be the big glamorous venues in the likes of Las Vegas rather than a small and seedy joint in the back streets of a small town. Perhaps that is why they are so alluring, the stunning croupier in a smart suit or evening dress, the image of tuxedos, champagne glass in hand and the high stakes poker table is a life that most of us can only dream of. Here are a couple of films you might remember for being set in and around the casino, and if you are playing live roulette online you may actually feel like you are right there with them.

Ocean’s Eleven

One thing casinos have in bulk is cash, and the larger venues have vaults concealed in basements and backrooms. So being an ex-convict who has not gone straight, you might well be interested in relieving them of some of this money. Not content with one raid though, mastermind Danny Ocean and his 11 strong teams of rogues plan a triple heist, three casinos on the Vegas strip all at the same time. But, it has to be said that he is a caring criminal and has three clear rules for his gang: don’t hurt anybody, don’t steal from anyone who doesn’t deserve it, and play the game like you’ve got nothing to lose. In a film that is a remake of the Rat Pack 60’s outing, the most daring and sophisticated casino heist in history plays out. George Clooney plays the lead, which was, of course, Frank Sinatra originally and the Ocean’s version was such a hit there are now other films in the franchise.

Casino Royale

In his first outing after being licensed to kill, British secret agent James Bond must travel to Montenegro and take to the poker tables in order to defeat the bad guy. In this case, is its terrorist who also happens to be a private banker and high stakes poker player. As you might expect Bond has a stunning lady by his side, a Treasury agent, and for extra force on the side of good an MI6 agent who happened to already be in the area. The trio must make sure the money is won and lots of action, high-speed chasing and shooting ensue, as well as Bond in rather a dapper tux strolling through the casino. Now that is enough to get fans swooning, and of course, it makes for really good looking shots on camera which is something that the cinematography director is going to be interested in. There is definitely a certain appeal to the casino with the card tables, roulette wheels, dealers, bartenders, and one-armed bandits, so we are pretty sure we understand why there is such an attraction to weave them into the storylines of blockbuster films.