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Capcom Reveals Decapre for Ultra Street Fighter IV

Capcom Reveals Decapre for Ultra Street Fighter IV


It’s been a long time coming, but the day is finally here. Just before the Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition ver. 2012 top sixteen bracket got underway at Final Round XVII, Capcom had a very special announcement for the crowd and everyone watching at home regarding Ultra Street Fighter IV.

Bison Doll Decapre will be joining the expanded cast in the next iteration of the company’s flagship fighter alongisde veterans Elena, Hugo, Poison, and Rolento. Like with previous announcements, a variety of videos were released to demonstrate what she’s capable of, including her very own trailer, her first combo video, and a commentary video with Capcom’s Peter “Combofiend” Rosas.


The Dolls (ベガ親衛隊, Bega Shin’eitai) are teenage girls of around 16 years old, who were captured by Shadaloo and brainwashed to be M. Bison’s assassins and bodyguards, as revealed by the story of the UDON Street Fighter comics. Cammy was a female clone of Bison; however, she was the same age and acted the same way as the others, though it was later revealed that she could control the Psycho Drive.

Except for Cammy, the Dolls’ names are based after the months of the year, in their home country’s language.

The Dolls are completely loyal to Bison, and act and talk similarly to robots. They were high-ranking members in Shadaloo, only lower than Bison and the other Grand Masters: Balrog, Vega and Sagat.

Originally, the Dolls could not live if Bison died, as the brainwashing had corrupted them to the point where they would have collapsed and died. Eventually, Cammy broke free from Bison’s mind control (apparently with help from Dhalsim) and managed to do the same for the others. When Bison appeared, they collectively attacked him. Bison informed Cammy that she was his clone, and that if he died, she and the other Dolls would die as well. Cammy fought against his psychic probing and rescued the Dolls from Bison’s control with the Psycho Drive. Cammy led the Dolls out of the Shadaloo base, and then fell unconscious along with the rest of the Dolls in a state of amnesia. Cammy was later found by Vega and taken to the Delta Red HQ.

For a time, it was unknown if the other Dolls survived, but in a trailer for the Super Street Fighter IV OVA, the Dolls were revealed to be alive. They were unconscious, strapped to stretchers and being placed in capsules. Juri beat the Dolls until they were all unconscious and then brought them to Seth for experiments. Seth stated that the Dolls will be killed after they arrived there. As Juri’s plane took off with the Dolls, Cammy managed to jump on the plane and fought Juri briefly. Juri was winning easily and ended it by knocking the wind out of Cammy’s stomach with her elbow, causing Cammy to back up. Juri then grabbed Juni’s capsule and pushed it towards Cammy fiercely. Cammy tried to stop the capsule but it overpowered her and she fell off of the plane with Juni in the snow. Cammy then said that she will never forgive Juri.

Super Street Fighter IV shows that Juni and Juli survive; however, they do not seem to regain their memories. Juli’s amnesia become so bad she becomes (as Rose puts it) an “empty shell of a human”, as she is unable to speak, smile or even cry. She ends up staying with an elderly couple in the middle of nowhere. Juni is watched over in the hospital by Cammy and her pet cat.

In Cammy’s prologue, when confronting Juri, she says “I hope you’re ready to feel my hands around your neck; I haven’t forgotten the sisters of mine you hurt”. This is a reference to the rest of the Dolls; unlike Juni and Juli, their fates as of now are ultimately unknown.

What your thoughts on Decapre being a part of Ultra Street Fighter VI?