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Boudoir Showcase – Wednesday

Boudoir Showcase – Wednesday


Photographer: Thomas H P Jerusalem, MUTE Photography (IG: @mute_photography)
Models: Kayla and Dahlia (IG: @moongirlkaymarie and @dahliafemme)
Make-Up and Hair: Melissa Ann (IG: @glambymelissaann)
Wardrobe: Victoria’s Secret

Tuesday seems so far away but still feels like yesterday, the Tuesday roses’ scent is still in the air, the moon we were looking at diminished this morning before it fully disappeared taken away by the bright light of the sun. I don’t want to wake up. Dreams were so wonderful. The sun is blinding my eyes even with the shades down. Tuesday roses smell so good. You whispered in my ear, told me secrets, told me stories that were not supposed to be told. But you made me laugh. And thinking. I can still smell the roses. Remembering every moment. Scents make you remember moments. Moments from decades ago. Or moments from Tuesday.

Not so many words or visions. Are scents responsible for deja-vu’s? I want to keep the roses. You looked straight into my eyes when you told me. You smiled. I smiled at you. Today. The roses scent overturned by the scent of fresh coffee.

I hear the dog barking. Can you hear him? Your eyes are still closed. I like to watch you sleep. I see that smile in your face that I love so much. Are you dreaming? Are you sleeping? The sun is dimming again. Maybe just a cloud. It is late. I missed you today. I will see you in my dreams.

Boudoir Showcase – Wednesday

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