Understanding Manual and Self Leveling Laser Tools
The top rated laser levels are usually divided into manual or self-leveling laser levels. They do come with distinctive and similar characteristics. While both offer the same job, self-leveling offers added advantage in that it can work automatically for most jobs. Many self-leveling laser levels can be switched to manual operations depending on the type of job and features they possess. A thorough review of Top Rated Laser Levels - Best Laser Level Brands in The World can help you find the most appropriate laser level type for your need.
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Manual Laser Levels Average ½” Accuracies at 20 Feet
As the name suggests, the manual laser level is operated manually for all kinds of laser level jobs. It can be operated by simply adjusting the laser to some bubble vials that are in-built in the laser. The accuracy offered by the manual laser level will largely depend on the quality of the bubble vial and of course the user’s eye accuracy. Accuracy is usually around + or – ½” inch at 20 feet which is smaller than what obtains in the self-leveling laser level. Another disadvantage that comes with a manual laser level is that it takes a longer time to set up as a result of the manual leveling. The advantage of the manual laser level is that it is more affordable than self-levelers. If you don’t mind the longer set-up time, this could be your ideal money-saving laser level.
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Self-leveling Laser Level Offers Better Accuracies
In self-leveling laser levels, the laser will level itself automatically especially through the combination of a pendulum and some magnets. The accuracy on a typical self-leveling laser level is 1/8” per 50 feet which is much higher than manual laser levels. For its special accuracy level, it is considered as the best laser level for builders. Once you set up your self-leveling or automatic laser level you should begin marking and measuring. Use the level line you found as a reference, and make marks on your laser line before measuring down OR UP. Make sure you perform all necessary marks before you turn off your laser level. How to Use Your Manual or Self-leveling Laser Levels
You wouldn’t place your laser levels on the ground always, sometimes you will have to use it on elevated platforms. Place the laser level on a tripod stand, then make sure it is on manual mode or switch off the manual mode if you prefer self-leveling automatic mode. There is usually a manual LED indicator that tells you whether it is on or off. Turn on the laser level and let it self-level in about 30 seconds.
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The laser will emit a laser line in its specified range, and you should be ready to take your measurements. The best laser level for the money doesn't often come with much range, please keep that in mind.
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