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Fashion Editorial: The Art of Jewelry vintage

Fashion Editorial: The Art of Jewelry vintage



  • Photography by Angeles Gonzalez: www.angelesgonzalez.es
  • Photography assistant: Fran Carrillo
  • Model: Veronika Castrillo
  • MUAH & Styling: Alicia Ortega
  • Clothes: Divine Showroom
  • Jewelry: Boutique FLO

This Editorial arose from the need to analyze the coherent relationship between the “Vintage” and the Current Fashion, and their interaction. What does the term “Vintage” mean? “Vintage” is the term used to refer to items of a certain age, which cannot be classified as antique, but that have appreciated over time.

The term “Vintage” is used especially to refer to the Fashion and Design after 1900, to describe such items that for history, meaning, influence or uniqueness, has become a cult and icon for collectors.

The “Vintage” is a manifestation of the Postmodern Culture, which looks back nostalgically on objects and elements of past eras, full of meaning and originality. This way, fashion makes use of the past for purely aesthetic reasons, where elements from different times and places get mixed.

Such is the present value of the “Vintage” that fashion houses, quite frequently resort to this aesthetic in their new collections.

For the making of this Report, we dived into a small vintage jewelry store located in the Barrio de Salamanca (Milla de Oro) in Madrid, Spain. Entering this beautiful trade, discover their antiques and jewelry, provides for a symphony of pleasurable sensations, you get the impression of delving into a magical universe, where every object shines by itself and is there for you so admire. Rubies, emeralds, topaz, turquoises, merge into a perfect mixture with aged silver, creating designs that closely touch the wonderful Art Deco.

Each piece is a unique and outstanding design. They are timeless pieces, beyond fads, true works of art of the goldsmith’s. Their delicate designs encourage you to dream summer terrace parties, dresses made by fashion designers, and your imagination can even take you to remember cinematographic icons of the 40s and 50s.

These are jewelry for stylish women who want something other than the status that conventional jewelry suggests. Pieces that transcend the material value and establish a dialogue with the wearer, to become symbols of their identity.