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From The Arc – “I Swear” (Official Music Video)


Hello, My name is Austin I play in the band “From the Arc”

We are an Omaha based alternative rock band and we were wondering if you would put our single into the rotation to help us with the next steps in our musical careers.

Our sound is best described as a blend of various forms of alternative rock into a good mix of music that’s incredibly catchy and melodic.
We’re trying to make a name for ourselves with a strong work ethic and relentless touring. We hope to take our music journey as far as we can. Music is about passion, and that is what we live for. Our ‘Ep” is out now on Spotify, iTunes, Google-Play, YouTube red, etc. Our full Ep will be coming soon too. Below is a Mp3 of our single.

Also, if you want to stay up to date follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and at www.fromthearc.com
Thank you for your time.