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5 Best Gambling Movies of All Time

5 Best Gambling Movies of All Time


If 100 people are asked to give their own list of five of the best gambling movies of all time, it may be hard to find two people that agree. This topic is so subjective that it is common for everyone to agree to disagree. However, below five are the best gambling movies of all time.

#5: The Sting:

For movie buffs out there, this movie released in 1973 is as iconic as say the Godfather movie franchise. This movie stars the pair of Robert Redford and Paul Newman. An attractive and hugely talented acting duo that really carry their roles to make this a movie to remember. The two A-list actors of the time, play the role of confidence tricksters going after a degenerate gambling mob boss to swindle him of his ill-gotten wealth. The twist in the tale is that this mob boss is out for blood as he identifies Robert Redford as the mastermind behind a con on him in the past. This is truly an exciting thriller that is full of suspense. This is a good movie with great gambling scenes to set you in the mood for game or two.

#4: 21

Just as mobile slots have taken a prominent position in the world of online casino, it might surprise you to know that in the world of big screen movies, there is a genre dedicated to casino gambling. Well, it really shouldn’t in truth, considering how huge casino gambling has become in today’s world. 21 is a movie that is actually based on a true story. It stars Kevin Spacey who plays the role of a professor of math who trains some gifted students on card counting at top Las Vegas casinos. This leads to a fast paced riveting movie that will astound and shock you in equal measure. A must watch or rewatch as the case may be.

#3: Cincinnati Kid

In Cincinnati Kid, you have a movie featuring Steve McQueen who is a young, cheeky but talented kid who earns his bones by playing low stakes card games in pubs. The Cincinnati Kid moves to the big league when he is challenged by Edward G. Howard who plays Lancey in the movie. This film sees the Cincinnati Kid face a lot of distractions, but in the end, he beats Lancey when the stakes are extremely high. A great movie with a lot of casino shenanigans on show.

#2: The Gambler

James Caan stars as a college professor and an addicted gambler. This is a sad tale of a once prominent member of society who falls from grace to grass as he degenerates into a compulsive gambler. If you want to watch a movie that tells a classic tale of the consequences of gambling addiction and how responsible gambling is very important, then, The Gambler is the movie for you.

#1: Seabiscuit

Coming in at #1 is Seabiscuit. While this movie is not based on typical land-based or online casinos. It is still a movie about a washed-up horse trainer taking a chance on a seemingly worthless horse named Seabiscuit. This trainer is played by Jeff Bridges (Dumb and Dumber) while Tobey Maguire (Spiderman) plays the jockey who rides this horse to fame and fortune.