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Wet and angry hair by Simone Carinetti

Wet and angry hair by Simone Carinetti


Photographer: Simone Carinetti
Model: Shay
Makeup Artist: Claudia Marta Monachetti

My name is Simone Carinetti, I’m a young Italian photographer. I’m studying graphic design and art direction at the Academy of Fine Arts of Milan. I choose this university course thanks to my passion for cinema, which introduced me to the world of graphic and web design. My aim is to work in the field of advertising and communication. Currently, I work as an assistant with various professional photographers and graphic designers and I follow workshops focused to continually update my skills in this area. The passion for photography was born as opposition to drawing and illustrations, maybe for the ability to see a good part of your project from the first shot, or maybe because I love to accomplish what I have always loved in the cinema world. The photograph has a very vast sector. I work in portrait and beauty. What’s the difference? Beauty photography brings out the beauty of the subject, the portrait tells the story of it.

I often speak with the model and the makeup artist about the service that they would like to do after we decide a location and we go shooting! Sometimes it happens that we do not like a photograph because you want that the model has a better face or because you realize too late that behind the subject there is something that is disturbing. The problems may be many, but also the solutions. For this reason thanks to my university course I can do the postproduction, so I not only realized the shots but I take care of the whole project. I want to improve as a photographer and to discover new things and new styles.

Solis Magazine Wet and angry hair by Simone Carinetti

FASHION EDITORIAL – Wet and angry hair

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