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The Walking Dead: Forget

The Walking Dead: Forget


Written by Christian James Haight

Throughout the past five seasons the characters of “The Walking Dead” have become more than just strangers, as the latest episode titled “Forget” pointed out, they have become a family. A family that aside from what the world has become, have worked together to stay alive. Never turning on each other or leaving a member behind, and after all of the evil they’ve seen they’ve still allowed those in need to join their group. So finally, someone is reaching out a hand to them and offering some help.

The 15-foot steel wall surrounded safe zone, Alexandria, seems that it could finally be a secure home for Rick and the group. Giving them a house over their heads, plenty of food, running water, electricity and a community full of people who want to help. With the two prior episodes raising questions to whether this fortitude is the real deal or not, “Forget” seems to give the characters reasons to trust Alexandria’s leader, Deanna, and the rest of the community.

Alexandria is a very different environment from what the show’s characters are used to. Unlike the people within the community, their humanity has been stripped from them. Inside of Alexandria, most of the community has no idea how hard it can be to live on the outside of the walls. Rick and the others begin to notice how weak that makes them, and this worries some of the characters that they might also become weak by staying there.

Different characters took to settling into the what-seems-friendly neighborhood at different speeds. Michonne was ready to ease her way into the life of Alexandria right away, and felt that the community meant their group no harm. On the other hand, it took characters like Rick and Daryl time to adjust to their new living arrangements. They’ve lived as savages for so long that they forgot what it meant to be a part of a humane society, hence the episode’s title.

By the end of the episode, the entire group appeared to have taken a step towards settling in. Although, with no weapons allowed inside of the walls, Rick, Daryl and Carol devised a plan to get their hands on a few handguns, just in case things within the community turn sideways. The three spoke in the previous episode about the option of forcibly “taking” Alexandria if needed, and even though no plans have been set in place, stealing of the handguns prepares them to make that move if necessary.

In “Forget” viewers once again saw Carol as the gentle and quiet woman who hasn’t been seen since the first season. As she wore sweaters over blouses and made friends throughout the community, it seemed that the reluctant character Carol evolved into was gone. Until she was forced to threaten a young boy looking for cookies, but instead watched her steal the handguns. Telling him that if he tells anyone what he’s seen, he’ll wake up one morning tied to a tree outside of the wall where the only thing that’ll hear his screams are the “monsters.” This was the most important scene within the episode, showing that even though the characters may act as if they’re fitting in, they’re still the same people from outside the safe zone.

As the season begins to come to an end, with only three episodes left, it’ll be hard to annoy the gut feeling that something in Alexandria is going to go terribly wrong. “Forget” ended with Rick watching a married couple from the community, Jessie and her husband, walk down the street. Earlier in the episode Rick hit on Jessie; placing himself in Shane’s shoes, Rick’s old friend-turned-enemy, who had an affair with Rick’s wife. At the end when he saw Jessie and her husband walking down the street he reached for the stolen handgun he had hidden on him. Without even speaking, the viewers were shown Rick contemplating the idea of using the communities weakness to take what he wanted, that being Jessie, but ultimately decided against it. He removed his hand from the gun and began to walk back to his house, but stopped when he heard a banging sound in his back yard. He followed the sound to a zombie on the other side of the protective wall, thumping his hand against the steal. Almost as if he was knocking.

Throughout the rest of the season we can almost be sure to see a confrontation between Rick and Jessie’s husband, a plan for Rick, Daryl and Carol to take over the safe zone and zombies finding their way into Alexandria. Although this is the direction the ending of “Forget” seems to point towards, one of the reasons for the show’s large success is their ability to be unpredictable.