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Turning into a Lady, when clothes make people

Turning into a Lady, when clothes make people


Photographer: Anastasia Nacu
Female Model: Nicoleta Toma @ICAN Model Management
Accessory Designer: Mineli Boutique
Makeup Artist: Simona Doltu
Fashion Designer: Marie Ollie
Creative Director: Oliver Kuprian

The daily rush through the city tends to bring us to the point where the fashion style is called ‘as-comfortable-as-possible’. But can’t we get the lady-look feeling comfortable at the same time?! Marie Ollie’s latest collection inspired this fashion editorial through it’s simple yet of a great impact treasures.

The editorial highlights in the fact that in spite of the saying that ‘clothes don’t make the man’, they play a big role in the image one first makes. In a society that puts an accent on as fancy as possible clothing pieces and accessories, we wanted to prove that one can create the same effect by keeping it simple, through vest, pants, blazers and dresses that follow the body line, which are easy to wear and that can be easily combined in many ways. To complete the looks we brought a plus of feminity to the outfits with the help of Mineli Boutique’s shoes.

Our modern (Wonder-)woman in which we’ve found the inspiration gets this way to look impressive by keeping it as natural and classy as possible, talking here about clothes, make-up, hair, shoes and all the rest.