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Top 3 Billie Eilish music videos apart from ‘Bad Guy’

Top 3 Billie Eilish music videos apart from ‘Bad Guy’


The Internet has become a platform for all the goods and bads around the globe. Where it has given us some of the biggest scams and hacks in the world, it has also helped us find treasures that would have always stayed under the mud if the internet wasn’t to be there. On one side, the internet has helped the already grown grow even bigger, like the casinos. Casinos are already a huge money-making business but their monstrosity grew even bigger after the addition of the element called the Internet. Now you can simply search the internet for the best live casino online and enjoy casino games in a form that brings the best of the world, land-based casinos, and online casinos. On the other hand, the internet has also been a treasure hunter by bringing out talents and skills that were not known to the world before. One such treasure of the internet is Billie Eilish.

Billie Eilish is the world’s current biggest sensation who started her musical journey by posting her work on the internet. Looking at the current situation it seems like her fame will exceed the boundaries of the earth. Songs by the artist are in the top list of all English charts, US, UK or Asia. The artist recently released ‘Bad Guy’ music video and it instantly became a superhit on the video social networking platform Youtube. If you are into modern-day music then you probably might have already seen the video a hundred times so this article will be telling you about other music videos by Billie Eilish. These videos further elaborate on the aura and specialty possessed by the global sensation.

3. idontwannabeyouanymore
This lo-fi song has Billie featured in a white-washed theme. The white theme is taken to a level where even Billie has her hair-dyed white. Directed by Eli Born, the songs focus on the insecurities of the girl singing in front of the mirror. Eilish has given her heart out to be able to convey the emotion that she isn’t happy with the reality the mirror shows. If you want to see a hearty performance along with the low music, this is the one.

2. lovely
Lovely is just the name of the song, the vibes and lyrics actually separate you from nothing but lovely. The song features another music sensation of R&B generation ‘Khalid’. The combination of Eilish and Khalid was already enough for the song touching people’s hearts but what adds to its whites is that the song was featured in the latest season of the teenage based web series 13 Reasons Why. The video shows a deteriorating relationship and the emotion-filled lyrics will take you to a ride of deep feelings.

1. Bury a friend
The horror story of the video revolves around the phobias of a human. Billie Eilish is shown stuck with innumerable needles on the back. She is also shown as a monster under the bed, stalking the rapper Crooks. The video with its dreadful lyrics and lo-fi music seems like a musical version of a horror story. Just to throw light on the fame of the song, ‘Bury a friend’ is one of the most viewed songs of Billie on any video networking platform.