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The Witch with Photographer Paul Fanara

The Witch with Photographer Paul Fanara


Photography: Living In The Buff Studio / Paul Fanara
Concept: Paul Fanara
Model: Anatomy (Anna Toomey)
Hair, Make-up & Wardrobe: Anna Toomey
Editing: Paul Fanara

Inspired by the mystical world that emerges after a heavy snow, when everything transforms into a brighter and softer landscape, our theme is the beginning of an ongoing fairy tale. Here, the witch, as a beautiful siren, tempts the unwitting with her beauty and her charmed apple; but much like the world blanketed in snow, her intentions are cleverly disguised. What is seen is often less important than what is not seen. The witch transformed to dupe her intended victim. Her grace and beauty, and the temptation of sweet, autumn fruit in the middle of winter, are mere facades to disguise her impure intentions.

Combating cabin fever through artistic release, Anatomy and I used what the New Year’s blizzard left behind as a scenic backdrop to begin our story. We braved the sub-zero wind chills in order to capture the emotion of our scene with purity and integrity.



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