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Texas Hold’em: The king of poker?

Texas Hold’em: The king of poker?


For those of you who are partial to a hand of poker or two, the chances are you will have entertained playing Texas hold’em at least once in your life. Ever since the poker boom in the early noughties, Texas hold’em quickly established itself as the number one variant of the game. Of course, it wasn’t always this way and its rise to the forefront of poker has been an exciting highpoint and justified escalation.

What exactly is it that makes Texas hold’em so universally enjoyed? Perhaps it’s the availability to play, in that it is now more widespread than in previous decades, or that it can be easily learned and picked up. Whatever it is, there’s no denying that Texas hold’em is one of the most favored forms of poker. Is it the king of poker though? We’ll take a closer look into the attraction of Texas hold’em but before we do, be sure to check out Paddy Power Poker for all the latest games.

TV friendly

Many, many moons ago now, the World Series of Poker was introduced to our television screens in what was a first for poker. Although the coverage wasn’t all that good or rather informative, it was a breakthrough nonetheless. Much credit must be given to the hole cam, which accelerated the engagement of poker and the growing audience as all of the cards could be seen, which instantly made it more exciting.

In fact, the hole cam was a revolutionary invention that not only made watching Texas hold’em more attractive to a TV audience, it also glorified the game in the positive light at the same time. Arguably, this was the pivotal moment that set Texas to hold’em on its way to an unrivaled level of popularity.

Texas hold’em is not tricky

For anyone born within the last 30 years or so who enjoys poker, it’s likely that you started playing one of Texas hold’em variations. Some might not have been fully aware that there were so many different forms of poker, owing to the popularity and ease of playing and learning Texas hold’em. It really is quite straightforward to pick-up and many people will have it sussed after just a few hands.

Texas hold’em might be easy to learn, but it will take a lot longer to master the game but that shouldn’t deter the element of fun whilst playing, as it is really enjoyable and sociable to play.

The brand

The incredible rise of Texas hold’em over the last 15 years or so has many factors to be thankful for, but a key aspect of its boom in popularity can be ascertained to the branding and marketing that goes with it. There’s no other variant of poker that is as popular and famous as Texas hold’em, and the WSOP coverage has made a huge difference.

Such is the level and powerful form of branding and marketing, it’s almost impossible to ignore how widespread and universally enjoyed Texas hold’em is. The future looks as bright as ever for Texas hold’em and it’s hard not to see it remaining as the No.1 poker game for many years to come.