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Float tanks, to my surprise, have been around for decades. Yet I did not know much about isolation therapy other then the fact that an individual is sealed in a confined area for a period of time. Some of my friends have mentioned that through their own personal experiences they have had epiphanies, revelations and even much needed solutions surface for them.
uestions that ran through my mind were: Will I lose weight? Can I still take my daily dose of vitamins? Will I starve? Will I last? Will it taste good? How will my body react? What happens if I cheat on the cleanse? Will I be able to continue my workouts? Will I have enough energy throughout the day? What if it makes me sick?
Celebrities are notorious for wearing a head full of extensions. They change their style, color and look almost on a daily basis. As a teenager growing up I would notice Britney Spears with short hair so I cut my hair to match hers… only to find out that next month her blonde locks were now brown and past her waist. One can only imagine the devastation I felt.