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With "Adorn," 2012's sexiest slow jam, Miguel emerged as a mohawk-pompadoured futurist, as rooted in past innovators like Marvin Gaye as in 21st-century production — a soul man with no "neo-" required.
Coldplay's sixth album is called Ghost Stories, and there's a blond phantom obviously haunting its nine tracks. The record comes just two months after Martin and his wife of a decade, Gwyneth Paltrow, announced their "conscious uncoupling" – outwardly a breakup with the best intentions, but a split all the same. For the first time in ages, Martin isn't trying to "Fix You." Now he needs to repair himself.
If you’re more anxious than excited to tap play on a posthumous album—let alone a posthumous album from an icon, a childhood hero—your instincts are probably correct. Look no further than the fallen King of Pop’s first vault excavation, 2010’s Michael, for an exercise in “contemporizing” (barf) original demos, half-finished potential classics and outtakes that fall flat and are, at best, forgettable and, at worst, a slash at the shins of a great legacy.