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Nina Pak works with photography, painting, and mixed media artworks. By emphasizing aesthetics, Pak seduces the viewer into a world of bright and joyful moments full of hidden nuance, an interval in time, that articulates the poetic meaning in our lives.
Photography: Josefien Hoekstra Facebook.com/JosefienHoekstra - Styling: Liz Scarlet Facebook.com/Lizscarletstyling - MUA: Ashley Wolthers Facebook.com/Ashleydesignnl Hair: Daphne van Es @ Nancy Hairstyling Kappers Facebook.com/daphne.vanes.3 Model: Sofie Moens Facebook.com/Sofie.Moens.7
The basic ideal for the shooting was the concept of a circus. But contrary to the common understanding, we decided to show a sad and lonely circus. For me the circus is a world of its own, which almost became an anachronism in modern times. Our circus family is lost in an old, bygone world, feeling lonely and futile.