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The Dark Side (fashion editorial)…original came from a story concept idea that I had for a web series. I wanted to ask the question, “What would happen, if I mixed the sci-fi geek culture with a rock n roll fashionista” (a.k.a “Star Wars vs. Mean Girls”)?
Still playing Batman: Arkham Knight and looking for something new? Warner Bros. on Tuesday released the Crime Fighter Challenge Pack #6 on PC. The content will be available for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One editions of Arkham Knight starting January 26, Warner Bros. said in a news release today.
In collaboration with Sarah Bowman Photography, showcased are three of Christine Gallinger’s handcrafted dresses from her most recent collection. Seamlessly fusing classical with modern elements she was inspired from the 1920's Parisian time period. Set in the ethereal setting of the ocean with plush satin floral petals; highlighting all of the most natural of beauties.
In the evocative setting of the Monastery of St. Nicholas, a jewel of the late Sicilian Baroque and a Benedictine complex among the largest in Europe that holds within it a Roman house, the cloisters and a beautiful roof garden, it takes place this unusual shooting made up of pictures with a cinematic movie effect and a realistic and spectacular style at the same way.
The movie follows a herd of minions over the span of millions of years, it mainly focuses on the three that we’ve seen throughout the other movies. Showing audiences that they’ve been on Earth far longer than humans, going all the way back to the dinosaurs.
The photo shoot was aimed at Nevermora’s potential client base, those looking for the highest quality fantasy headpieces. At Nevermora no animal products are used, every piece begins as a hand sculpted clay master, which is then moulded in silicone rubber and finally cast in resin. Resin is a hard plastic substance, which is surprisingly lightweight.