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The Y-3 S/S17 campaign film traverses a futuristic dystopia where the protagonists find themselves on the wrong side of an authoritarian regime. This world is derived from the unique features and innate details that make up the S/S17 collection.
I imagined the story of a young beautiful girl abandoned for some mysterious reason in a villa like that. First, she feels enchanted by its beauty. After a while, she begins to sense some threatening presences behind the corners and inside the mirrors.
As I was deciding on details like location, accessories, hair, and makeup styling the photo shoot took on a life of it’s own as . All aspects were important to the feel and authenticity of the final images.
La Cruz for this editorial. Mang designed a simple but elegant gown to compliment an elaborate headdress. Xeng created the headdress using the white traditional fabric from the Hmong culture to infuse their heritage into the shoot.