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Hello, my name is Bernard BOSC I am French I reside in French Guyana 42 years old photographer. I just discovered your magazine online photos are beautiful and the models are beautiful.
A specially designed LED light suit abstracts the human form to shapes of light. Movements of the human body through the landscape leave residual traces of light. The light thus becomes a memory of action.
18 year old rising r&b singer/dancer Zach Twa premieres his newest video the uptempo summer jam "Last Time"! Song is about young teenagers wanting to have a time of their life before they settle down!
Standing tall, a woman soaks in the light upon her face. She is determined, and her stance is unwavering. Her dress gracefully flies while she rises taller with each breathes, embracing the power building in the air whirling around. An unexplained elegance embodies her.
The inspiration for the series was nature it's mythical four elements. I have always been fascinated by the fire and its power. How it can show a different face, depends on circumstances. It can give you life and protects you. Then it can kill you in the blink of an eye.