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Working with this team of ladies has been very pleasant. Chupps is an experienced model, she has the head filled with ideas, and the suitcase full of props. So it's almost tempting to keep away from the theme.
Daughter of a rich man, Roxy visits the world every week. She stays in luxurious hotels such as VMaison. Between parties, cocktails, expensive clothes, shopping and small moments of relax, the fashion blogger has everything she needs.
The inspiration for the series was nature it's mythical four elements. I have always been fascinated by the fire and its power. How it can show a different face, depends on circumstances. It can give you life and protects you. Then it can kill you in the blink of an eye.
When planning this shoot, it was about showing the elegant outfits of Denise in a completely new light. Since I am a bigger fan of contrasts, I came up with the idea that the outfits should be shooted in an environment that gives the perfect contrast to it.