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Style Mistakes You Should Avoid

Style Mistakes You Should Avoid


Look, no one is perfect, and no one is certainly fashionably perfect all the time. Unless, of course, you’re in the fashion industry or some perfect deity designed to torture pitiful fashion faux-pas-making mortals. Then again, even the most fashion-conscious people and style icons are not immune to a style blunder or two. If you need the deets, then read below for a few tips on how to avoid making style mistakes.

Mindlessly Following Trends That Come and Go

The first style mistake that everyone seems to make a lot is blindly following the latest fashion craze. If fashion is not a big part of your job description, there’s no reason you should hop on every fashion bandwagon, because seasons come and go and with it arrives a new set of trends.

This is not to say that following trend is a bad thing; the point is not everything will look good on everybody, and it would be wise to know and determine what styles work for you in order to avoid spending largely on clothes that make you look frumpy instead.


Accessories are a good way to add an extra oomph to an outfit, but too many of them can ruin the ensemble entirely. As a general rule, statement pieces that are bold and ornate must not be worn together as they will look busy on the outfit and clash, which will look excessive.

Remember to go easy on buying accessories as well because little things can really add up, and if they are trendy, chances are they won’t last until next season.

Buying Ill-Fitting Clothes

There are times that clothes under or over a size or two have been mistakenly bought, but by the time the error is learned, it is too much of a hassle to return them or you stubbornly still wear them inside. The most effortless way to avoid this style mistake is to always know what size you are.

Measure yourself properly before you buy clothes off the rack. If you know a tailor and you bought really cute clothes that you want that are the last stock but are too big for you, have them tailored to fit you.

Wearing a Mismatched Bag

Like clothes, functional accessories like bags and sunglasses should also adhere to fashion styles. Just like with shoes, there is a time and occasion for bags.

Premium materials like vintage leather handbags should not be worn on the beach, and similarly, cheap canvas backpacks will never work when worn with a high-end suit. When determining what kind of bag to bring or wear, stick to the basics, like knowing what color would work best with your current outfit.

Unpolished Shoes/Dirty Sneakers

If you’re one of those people who spend a lot of time and money to find the perfect pair of footwear, then you already know that it is important to keep shoes polished and sneakers cleaned. Wearing dirty footwear will only serve to tarnish an otherwise-impeccable outfit. Furthermore, taking care of your shoes regularly means you will have them around for longer, so you get your money’s worth.


Even celebrities with their team of stylists can make a bad judgment call or two. Thankfully, style mistakes are easily remedied and can be avoided with a few style tweaks, wardrobe assessment, and purging, and investing in good-quality staples.

You can always sell your clothes online to get rid of unflattering pieces, earn money, and buy the ones that you can actually rock effortlessly well. Not everyone has unlimited time and resources to have sharp-looking outfits all the time, and not everyone is a fan of style over comfort. The tips mentioned above are some of the most practical and applicable style advice for the everyday person who just wants to dress well and look presentable.