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Start your ‘Total Cleanse’ Today By:Olivia Gudaniec

Start your ‘Total Cleanse’ Today By:Olivia Gudaniec


As a first time juice cleanser I was not really sure what to expect.

Questions that ran through my mind were: Will I lose weight? Can I still take my daily dose of vitamins? Will I starve? Will I last? Will it taste good? How will my body react? What happens if I cheat on the cleanse? Will I be able to continue my workouts? Will I have enough energy throughout the day? What if it makes me sick?

Naturally, I turned to some of my closest family members. I found that the few people I did tell about my newest interest were not as opened minded as they usually are. I received comments such as: “You are already skinny don’t be ridiculous!”, “You can eat”, “Its really not good because you put yourself in starvation mode” and then I was being quoted Dr. Oz facts that “women take this craze too much at heart”. What happened to supporting me no matter what? Where were all these opinions coming from? I listened but either way I wanted to get my own perspective. Soon after, I contacted Total Cleanse in Toronto, Canada and set up a pick up date.

My friend Tommy Matejka, fellow model and juice cleanser for over five years, suggested I do a cleanse with him in the past so I decided now is as good of a time as any. According to damemagazine.com: “Modern detox diets date back to the 1940s”. They also add that: “in 2007 Americans spent over $28 million on herbal detoxification products” (2014). Evidently I am jumping on the bandwagon a bit late. Let me be clear though, the purpose of my cleanse was not to lose weight. I simply wanted to do something good for my body as I have been experiencing a bit of fatigue and some bloating after meals. If this can help in any way, I will give it a try! Luckily for all you readers I will share my tips, detailed experiences and what to expect moments for a first time cleanser.

Although we already have internal cleansing organs, sometimes it can be hard on your body to keep up with the processed foods you are constantly eating. That is why it is so valuable to know that the products you will be drinking are of the highest quality. The shelf life of each juice is approximately two to four days so if you cannot do a cleanse for the predetermined set amount of time, freeze them. In an interview with etalk, Total Cleanse developer Rebecca Malen recommends doing a cleanse up to four times a year. She makes this suggestion as a cleanse is done to give your body time to recoup and allow the energy that is usually used for digesting to go elsewhere. I was very excited to try my fresh pressed juice cleanse with Total Cleanse and have now successfully completed my three day juicing feast.


The day before I began my cleanse I prepped myself by having smaller portioned meals and by drinking lots of water. Follow my lead if you would like a smooth transition and by all means please take a few extra days to prepare if you find yourself truly anxious. As the cleanse began, I divided up my drinks so I could consume them roughly every two hours. The fact that the caps were labeled (i.e 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6) helped as well. I began at ten am and ended at approximately nine pm. Moreover, I was given a note to drink a glass of luke warm water every morning. A week later, this has now turned into a consistent habit and continues wakes me up quite nicely. Curious to know how each day went? I found it to be a great idea to keep a day-to-day journal so you can reflect on your progress and experiences.

DAY 1-
I was eager to get started. By midday I was missing the sensation of eating so around three pm I gave in and ate some raspberries, strawberries, and blueberries. I stuck to ingredients that were labeled on my juices and had no more than a single handful. I was hoping to get rid of my headache that I was experiencing during the day. In addition, I tried to stay hydrated with some water and added coconut water in between the juices. Going to bed I did not feel hungry. My agenda for day one consisted of three short walks with my dog, errands (shopping) and bowling for Father’s day. A complete day full of activities and a lot more liquids than I have ever consumed. Despite the number of bathroom breaks, I felt good.

Every drink is labeled so when I reached for number one I noticed it was the ‘Green Energy’. First impression: I really tasted the lemon and possibly some salt? The way the aroma smells really is the way it tasted. Consequently, this drink was not my favorite but manageable. It took me a good twenty-five minutes to complete. I made a note saying: “I hope the others are better”. Drink number two was the ‘Lemon Rush’. I instantly detected the kick it had. Wow. It’s like an explosion in your mouth. Tremendously tasty and lemonade has always been a preference of mine. I wanted more. Drink number three repeated itself: ‘Green Energy’. Drink number four was called ‘Very Berry’. This one had to be my favorite. I would describe the flavors similar to fresh fruit punch. As soon as I removed the lid I was captivated by the incredible colors. I knew this was a drink that both adults and kids alike would find irresistible. Drink five was the ‘Lemon Rush’ once again so I had a few repetitions throughout the day. Last but not least was drink six, the ‘Creamy Cashew Milk’. I have never tried any alternative to good old-fashioned dairy milk that this was unquestionably an eye opener. Milky, nutty and refreshing, it had my stamp of approval.

DAY 2-
My second day consisted of a few walks to the park, I wrote in my journal and for the most part stayed home. I did not have enough energy to hit the gym. In addition, the headaches persisted. Both of my legs felt stiff or somewhat sore but I have not been working out these past few days out so I am not sure what to make of that. Oddly enough, never has the thought come to mind, will I experience any side effects? Silly I know, but I figured I exercise and eat relatively healthy so this cleanse will not be a real shock to my system. I did notice that I had no specific cravings. Yes, I missed food but I had a stronger desire to complete this cleanse successfully. Therefore I discovered that I had a larger sense of self-control then I was aware of. I am quite proud of myself in that department. On the other hand, I could not fall asleep that night, not sure if it was because of the cleanse or due to the fact that I had an important meeting the next morning. A bit of both I assume.

DAY 3-
I woke up and took my daily dose of vitamins, I was told by Total Cleanse that it is was okay to continue taking them throughout. When I arrived to work, I was not sure how long my day would be. I managed juice number one very early in the morning and then I consumed juice two about four hours later. I will admit, I had to eat something in between to keep myself standing straight, so I reached for some grapes and a few walnuts/pumpkin seeds. Luckily, I had a short day and was able to get back to my cleanse with minimal interruption. Remember if you have to cheat please stick to healthy snacks and small food portions. It was also on day three that I noticed my skin looked a lot better and I definitely felt my stomach was flatter than usual. Plus, I was getting compliments from my coworkers pointing out that my eyes had a certain sparkle. Safe to say, I was more than willing to fill them in on my secret.

I have researched a number of facilities with prices ranging from sixty-five to a hundred dollars a day. Luckily, I have heard great things about Total Cleanse beforehand and now I discovered them to have the most reasonable prices too. With this reputable company, the average of what you can expect for one day is fifty-five dollars, two days is fifty dollars, three days is forty-eight dollars, five days is forty-five dollars, and seven days for only forty-five dollars as well. If you were previously unaware of the costs, you may be questioning why these cold pressed juices are priced the way they are. This trend of juicing has for the most part become fashionable as many celebrities endorse it on the regular. An online article at the huffingtonpost.com explains that the fee is mainly due to: “…the pressure needed to make the juice” (2014). For those wondering, a hydraulic press is used to squeeze out the juice. Moreover, “cold-pressed juice companies… then preserve the ingredients through a method called high pressure processing (or HPP)” (2014). This process is a way to kill the bacteria in food to help retain flavors and nutrients. By subjecting the food to extreme high pressures companies are able to inactive pathogens, which are extremely beneficial to us consuming the juices. As a result, between the large amounts of organic produce we are consuming and the system it takes to make the drink, the costs unfortunately add up.


You may also be accompanied by some side effects. Don’t fret, turns out that headaches are one of the most common symptoms. During my cleanse I did not have to resort to any medications, luckily the pain just came and went. They were more of a nuisance but bearable. Thanks to an article from Natural Ferility Info, they reassured me that: “One reason this happens is because you have altered your normal daily routine and most likely ditched some bad habits such as drinking alcohol, caffeine, smoking or cutting out sugars or processed foods, etc” (2014). Since my body is no longer receiving some of these items, it was responding. Simple enough, right? The most important thing I did was listen to my body. I allowed myself to feel what was happening and I let the body cleanse itself.

As mentioned before, I also encountered body aches, mostly in my legs and lower back. Severity of any symptoms you may experience depends entirely on the amount of toxins in your body. More toxins equals more symptoms. Be mindful that: “The reaction is an indication that the process of cleansing and detoxification is working and that your body is cleaning itself of impurities, toxins and imbalances,” says Nupro.net. So when you are experiencing side effects it is essentially a good thing. Lastly, remember that: “the reactions are temporary and may occur immediately, within several days or even several weeks later” (2014). Be gentle with yourself, stay hydrated and take some extra time to rest if needed.

Another misconception that I personally experienced is that people said that I would be starving myself. In reality, on a three day cleanse I am consuming around forty pounds of organic produce. Marra St.Clair, health coach confirms this. Her business partner Lori Kenyon Farley who is a certified nutritional consultant adds: “You are getting a lot more nutrition then in your normal diet”. After all we are absorbing high nutrient concentrated foods that are low in calories. Both women are considered experts in top-cleansing within the United States. So please know that I consumed enough calories for my body type each day. I even sat at every meal with my family and friends and just drank my juice. Eating a lot of the time is a social aspect and I did not let myself miss out.

So there you have it! Overall, my experience has been exceptionally pleasant. By the end of the three days even my own family members that were originally skeptical were asking me specific details just incase they wanted to try it. I was also told that I looked more serene and relaxed. Consequently, I felt my energy was a lot more grounded. Besides I did not want to be counter proactive on this cleanse and allow any stress to overpower my progress. Unintentionally, I also lost four pounds. From looking at the Totalcleanse.ca website I feel that I have achieved: increased energy, skin improvements, clarity of mind, weight loss and less bloating. Five out of the nine benefits that they listed online seems like I got my value’s worth for the short amount of days that I juiced. Moreover, I can tell you now that I am a lot picker with what I will put in my body and I am already planning my next cleanse. I personally do not feel I would need to do it more than twice a year but you can decide that based on your own experiences the first time around.

A big thank-you goes out to Total Cleanse for supplying me with a three day intensive juice cleanse. Not only were they supportive throughout my entire cleanse but they always responded quickly to all of my questions. In this day and age, this sort of promptness is simply refreshing and appreciated. Please remember that if you have any health related concerns see your doctor or get in touch with a Total Cleanse specialist to address any issues beforehand. These juices will clean out your body and they taste good too. Whether you are a model, an actor, an athlete, or simply want to do something good for yourself just know that even three days can make a difference. If you would like to order please go to http://www.totalcleanse.ca to start your journey. Feel free to let them know I referred you or type in “Solis” when checking out and receive an extra 10% off your order. Time to restart your bodies ladies and gentlemen. Here’s to a healthier and happier you.

Please note that I am not a medical expert, nutritionist or a dietitian. This article is not a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Results and side effects will vary from person to person depending on the length and the cleanse of choice.

© 2014 Olivia Gudaniec