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Solis Magazine Photography Showcase – The Transition Beauty Imagery

Solis Magazine Photography Showcase – The Transition Beauty Imagery


Lead Makeup Artist: MariaMx, IG:MariaMxMoore
Makeup Artist: Sha’niya Thompson,IG:Nina_Reese
Hair/Stylist: Tiffany Brown, FB

Shey Bryant: IG: Topmodel_Shey
1st look, Designer: Simone Herbin email address:igotme3@gmail.com Blue & Black Latex shoulder piece, 2nd look: Jewelry Fashion Bohemian Multi-Color Resin Beads

Sasha Fierce: IG: Sasha.Bromfield
1st Look, Black Wings: Esty.com 2nd look: Designer Simone Herbin, email address:igotme3@gmail.com Yellow Latex, and Black shoulder piece

Carisma Sorey Makeup by Carisma Sorey
clothing: headdress Cthulhu velvet hood, store on Esty: Videnoir Milan, Italy bodysuit: Cindy boutique

The Transition was a visionary project that came to fruition, back in early April of 2017. October 2017, the Transition begins, the period of changing from one state or condition to another. Light transitions from one phase to another phase, beauty to extreme beauty, rearranging the viewer’s feelings, mood, and emotions. The models are chosen for the project, I knew were able to Transition, and tranform the many looks to art, and something unique to match my style. The Transition, to undergo or cause to undergo a process or period of transition. A metamorphosis, a caterpiller to butterfly like effect moment all the while, enhancing the detailed imagery of the work, creativity in the making of characters, and scenes centered around fashion statements. Let’s Transition together, and altercation adding strange model behavior to poses, matching strange lighting to capture the Overall look while offering an eye of wonder to give the viewer, something entertaining as well as something unique.

The Transition was composed of pieces from all over the world, France, Netherlands, England, etc showcasing style and limitless creativity in the usage of background shapes and color to draw the eye and mind into portraiture style photography, the journey tested the limits of sacred style geometry, using lines, while telling a story in each model assembled piece, a wide range of talented makeup artist,joined in the mission to make this project something very special, and I think each and everyone, it all came together in amazing pieces from shoulder harness to chokers to body chains, headdressing and etc. as the photographer,I wanted to give a fresh and new look into my heart and mind, Let’s Transition over together, to something new. I welcome your eyes, to a feasting of the Transition.

PHOTOGRAPHY SHOWCASE – The Transition Beauty Imagery

Full Color, Glossy Finish – 8.5×11 INCHES
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