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Solis Magazine Photography Showcase – it’s time to

Solis Magazine Photography Showcase – it’s time to


Photographer: Gautier Van Lieshout
Model: Alexia Vic
MUA: Cassandra Ceschi
Hair: Anne-Sophie Chevalier
Accessory designer: L’Écrin du Temps, by Vano

Passionate about black and white photography, Gautier Van Lieshout develops his concepts in order to explore a large field and to exchange his views on a universal subject: Women.

However, the question is how taking pictures of women, be it in glamour, commercial or fashion shots, may help them to talk about their ambition and projects? For years, women have been fighting to express themselves through their abilities in art, culture, work, politics…

It’s time women were in the spotlight! That is what this photographer is now advocating. Well educated in photography, Gautier Van Lieshout does not take his art for granted and do not hesitate to involve their actresses and actors in the setting of the image and the space. My pictures don’t belong to any time or era. I work with women of all ages, nationality or style… My aesthetic choices are based on words such as elitism, beauty, accessibility, and universality. My primary inspiration came from the book “Les Mains Libres” from Paul Éluard and Man Ray in which drawings and poems are closely connected. Image and woman are closely connected.

The models are aware of what the project is all about, and I let them express their feelings which are a unique blend of strength and weakness. Source of inspiration, full of grace and beauty, they put their body on display or take it all in. I ask from them is that they assert their personality, perception, and inconsistency.

They are strong, full of energy and show a spirit which is impressive, obvious and unbeatable. The main thing I look for when shooting and also in the final pictures is to create such a close intimacy that all those qualities are brought to light. I have to be as aesthetic and neat as possible and the quality of my photos is one of my main priorities.

Just for the sake of it, I am totally aware I’m looking for a weakness in each and every woman, which I haven’t found yet… That’s the reason why I need to know who the person in front of my camera is. Who is this woman? Where is she from? What is her story? I try to answer all of these questions while shooting in order to create the perfect image of the woman I have in front of me or at least get the closest I can.