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Solis Magazine Photography Showcase – Metamorphosis

Solis Magazine Photography Showcase – Metamorphosis


Photographer | Makeup Artist:
Elenna Loredana www.LbyElenna.com | Instagram.com/elenna.loredana

Jessica Mion www.JessicaMion.com | Instagram.com/turnmion

Hair by Seikea

Huda Beauty Obsessions Eyeshadow Palette
MAC Frost Lipstick Mariah Carey Collection (All I Want)

High Waisted Brief Bottoms by Make Me Chic

Today we bring you a collaborative shoot inspired by the process of transformation from one dimension to another, from undergoing a deep experience that leads to a new perception of self. The overall mood is dark with glimpses of color to represent turmoil, change, radiance, and hope.

The editorial begins with Jessica wearing a Leather Straight Jacket by Steampunk, which symbolizes the stage of internal struggle. We move forward to find her coming out of her shell in a Leather Split Jacket by Haoricu in the second photo. The third photo represents “rebirth” and the beginning of an inevitable transition. For this image Jessica is wearing High Waisted Brief Bottoms by Make Me Chic and nothing else.

The sequence of the photos is highly important, as the photographer needed to capture the idea of going through multiple transformations to try to find oneself. Jessica’s graceful and expressive nature was key in achieving the right images. Moving on, we can observe a physical and psychological transformation. The Off Shoulder Crop Top and Skirt Set by Holly Gibbons brings out a fresh and youthful vibe. The flowers symbolize magnificence and beauty. The wardrobe is changed to a simple and effortless look with a Long Sleeve Top by Boohoo and a Pencil Skirt by Express. This is a stage of freedom and exuberance.

The creative direction takes yet another turn with the addition of the blue flower vines, which bring a constricting feel to the overall look. They are meant to represent obstacles, setbacks and scars. However, they are not successful in covering the imperishable inner beauty. The last photo in the series is the strongest in representing acceptance and power. The photographer focused on close up shots for the end of the editorial in order to really capture a striking imperfect perfection.

Metamorphosis 1


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