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Solis Magazine Photography Showcase – Illusion of Dark Couture

Solis Magazine Photography Showcase – Illusion of Dark Couture


Creative Director/Photographer/Retoucher: BlackKat Photography
Wardrobe Stylist/Fashion Designer/Accessory Designer: Maryanne Meservey
Female Model: Mackenzie Baker
Fashion Designer: Tyler Murphy
Fashion Designer: Christie Hopkins
Female Model/Makeup Artist: Flavia Gaetani

Wardrobe Credits:
1: Maryanne took much inspiration for this design from the traditional straight jacket. She wanted to translate this feeling of being trapped, bound and buckled down. She found corsetry to be the perfect element to capture some of these darker feelings.
2: Maryanne’s aesthetic for design has always lived in that place between luxury lingerie and evening wear. She designed this particular piece to be somewhat of a collection statement, detailed enough to wear over simple gowns or undergarments, but sexy enough to also wear with nothing at all.
3: Black sheer, textured dress with underwire bra top and skirt with large chiffon godets. Leather trim at waist and chain detail at back.
4: This luxury chiffon look is a collaboration between Designer Maryanne Meservey and Designer Tyler J Murphy. Tyler created the beautiful gold hand-beaded top and Maryanne features her Vixen Skirt.
5: The inspiration behind this piece was provocative couture, and it is completely made out tulle. Tyler Murphy wanted to show off the female figure in a flattering way that wasn’t to revealing but was innovative enough to capture an audience.

This project was a dark couture collaboration between three designers. There are several themes I wanted to capture in this series of images as the creative director. The main one was the feeling of being trapped, or captured by the branches. I also wanted to portray this urgent feeling of losing time and being weighted by our inner demons.