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Solis Magazine Photography Showcase – Grease 2.0

Solis Magazine Photography Showcase – Grease 2.0


Photographer: Sandro Aliano
IG: https://www.instagram.com/littlebearph
FB: https://www.facebook.com/phlittlebear
WB: http://www.littlebearph.it/wp
Female Model: Iris Crisé

When you go to find a model for a pleasure visit and come to you with a pair of leather leggings, if you are a photographer, in your mind take a process that would hardly come to life inside the mind of someone who is not a photographer.

A common person could appreciate how they dress well and make some compliments, a photographer, instead, sees a scene of Grease, closes his eyes and begins to think of a location, a mood, make-up, hair, accessories, a story to tell, all this only starting from a pair of leggings.

And so, the photographer, asks the girl if she has something black to put on, if she has ankle boots, look for a location like a basketball court, some murals, study the right time to have the ideal light, in short, organize. And so, from a pleasure visit, we moved on to a simple project that could also work well. You decide a date and hope for that day the climate is favorable, and miraculously, that is the only day of the week when it does not rain!

Make the shots, not even many, the project comes to life on its own, gradually retrace the shots and you realize that everything is like you had imagined, already raw unprocessed. In less than an hour you already have all the material you need, in fact, you have much more, the problem is now to choose the shots to be processed because they are all good, even those made to laugh (yes, we must always laugh, long faces do not like anyone). Elaborate those choices, look at them all together and say, “ok, let’s show them to so many people”.

And here we are, you have read so far what I wrote, and looking at the photos you thought: “but where do the photographers take their ideas to prepare these services?”, But now ask yourself: “How many things can happen for a couple of leggings? ”

Make-up and hair by herself Iris
body by a general store
leggins by Guess
boots by “Rêve d’un jour”