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Solis Magazine Photography Showcase – A Floral Arrangement

Solis Magazine Photography Showcase – A Floral Arrangement


Photographer: Mark Murphy III MM3Photo
Female Model/Makeup Artist: Khadesia Walker

A Floral Arrangement was put together by the creative mind of Khadesia Walker. The set was created with just artificial flowers and rose petals. Her outfits were basically the flowers and rose petals and just some pieces that she pulled out of her closet and her dresser drawers. Khadesia comes with Raw Beauty and her makeup was applied on her own. Blending in with the Yellow Backdrop, everything that she put together was just perfect for the scene. With the sounds of Beyonce, Ashanti and some Old School songs playing in the background, Khadesia flowed with her natural abilities.

I chose Khadesia for this scene because I knew that she could pull it off. I have been working with this young lady since she was 14 years old. Every time I had her in front of the camera, she has proven to have the mindset that she was the best of the best. She was always more mature than most models that I have worked with. She would work alongside with people who are mature in age and show herself as being the more experienced model. I can count on Khadesia to bring the theme that I present to her. She acts out the part as if she is the part.
Today, Khadesia is 20 years old and a full-time college student. She was home on break. While at home, she is making money to pay her for her college tuition. No real time to enjoy her family, but I am sure she sneaks that in as well.

Anyway, I am going to let this young model speak for herself.

My name is Khadesia Walker and I am 20 years old. I was born and raised in Connecticut. Currently, I am a student at Pennsylvania State University studying Economics. I’ve always had a passion for modeling, fashion, and beauty since I was younger. I did my very first beauty pageant at the age of 11 and I’ve been modeling professionally since I was 14 years old. Modeling has given me many opportunities to grow, not only with my career but also with my personal skills too. I have learned to be comfortable and confident in my self. I have met and worked with many talented models and talented photographers, like Mark Murphy. I’ve been working with MM3 photography for 6 years now.

My goal is to one day start my own company or business. To combine my passion for modeling and interest in business, my ambition is to create a modeling agency specifically targeted for petite and shorter women, like myself. The modeling and fashion industry is very limited to women like us.

The theme for this series is the floral arrangement. I chose this theme because I wanted to portray a feeling of serenity through my images. Flowers come in many shades, ranges, and types. In fact, some flowers have meanings behind them. For an example, a yellow sunflower can represent pure thoughts. A daisy symbolizes innocence and purity. For me, the sight and smell of flowers bring me to a state of mind, of being peaceful and calm. I hope to illustrate this through the images shared.

Khadesia Walker
Instagram: @khadesia
Facebook: facebook.com/khadesia.w
Twitter: @AlohaGorgeous

Mark Murphy III @ MM3Photo
Instagram: @mm3models
Facebook: facebook.com/ConnecticutModels
Phone: 203-647-3123

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