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Solis Magazine Photography Edition – Nymph in Black

Solis Magazine Photography Edition – Nymph in Black


Photographer/Retoucher: Henry Quan
Accessory Designer/Wing Designer: Maret Kendra
Female Model: Ushasi Sinha Vasu Mallik
Wardrobe Stylist/Fashion Designer: Milano Couture
Makeup Artist/Hair Stylist: Assiya Kamran

1-16 – Milano Couture

This shoot is a conceptual one. It is inspired by and represents a fallen angel with an alluring aura. The central color of this editorial has been specifically chosen as Black to depict the darkness around the character of the angel that has disastrously fallen from heaven. The sacredness has been damaged and the ill-fated angel has now taken resort to earth and paving through a new way of life after being expelled from heaven. The ‘fall’ has been a tragic one indeed, from Divine’s grace that is impossible to restore anymore. One can also relate the image of the fallen angel here to that of angel “Azazel’, whose name means – ‘God strengthens’. Therefore, the angel is seen praying to God in certain visuals. The devotion is evident through the gesture of folded arms and concentration in the eyes.

With a bleeding heart, the angel prays and those wings have turned black from white. We have used a pair of stunning black wings here that have been ornately designed and suit the dark mood perfectly. The elaborate and real ostrich feathers used here have added more texture to the wings and some deeper meaning to our story. The pain of isolation and abandonment is clearly reflected through the soulful eyes of the angel that we can notice in the closer glimpses. The pathos and sense of gloom is palpable through how the angel tries hard to cling on to those wings. They are a part and parcel of this survival now. This bittersweet truth that nothing can rescue the soul anymore stings like venom on the holy body. It is still angelic, but cursed! Those wings wrap the angelic sins like a mother protecting her child. They conceal all the overpowering emotions and safeguard them from the burning fire of the hell.

Despite those flawed wings and crooked halos, the angel rises in supreme strength and pride. Despite the ‘fall’, the existence is still undeniable. Honoring that is as essential as self love. There is a reason behind this angel following the journey to find forgiveness. It calls for a lot of strength, hopefulness and tenacity to make up the mind and go down the right path chosen for this sojourn. There are tears of loss; there is thrill of some possible victory too. The angel never hesitates to sway that enchanting body in reckless wildness – praises and sings, loves and caresses, nurtures and heals. Feed with faith, hand over some blessings, there will be no sign of evil and ill motif left in this angelic figure. The barren soul is in need of a lover’s touch, but beware! Just like the ‘ La Belle Deme Sans Merci’, the pivotal enchantress and evil seductress of John Keats’ mysterious narrative, the fallen angel too can destroy you in disguise of the beloved, the muse fulfilling your romantic dream. The fallen angel’s fleeting sensuality and evil entity is one of a kind. Those intricate feather collars and embellished sleeves accentuate the enigmatic appearance of the fallen angel all the more. The heavily beaded ensemble that the grief-stricken angel is garbed in, took two to three months to come to a completion in the making process. The look and feel of it give prominence to the realms of fantasy and a make-believe world that the angel belongs to. Those dark eyes and sculpted lips were created in a duration two hours by a very talented artist who didn’t want the angel to look entirely evil. The innocence and goodness in the look have been consciously and carefully retained.

These powerful images have been created by the virtue of the photographer’s unparalleled vision and dynamism, thus woven into an interesting plot encrusted with some high fashion layers. A set very close to our team’s heart, we are honored to have made it to such an esteemed magazine and look forward to our work being showcased internationally.


Full Color, Glossy Finish – 8.5×11 INCHES
Additional Prints $10 Each
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