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Solis Magazine Men’s Fashion Editorial – Spencer

Solis Magazine Men’s Fashion Editorial – Spencer


Photographer: Prash
Model: Spencer Crofoot

Wardrobe Credits:
1-2: Turtle Neck – Zara Coat – Schott
3-4: Shirt – Hugo Boss Hoodie – Polo Ralph Lauren Chinos – Calvin Klein
5-6: Shirt – Polo Ralph Lauren Vest – Polo Ralph Lauren
7-10: Pants and Hoodie – Polo
11-12: Denim Jacket – Levis Rugby shirt – Tommy Hilfiger
13: Jacket – True Religion Rugby shirt – Polo Ralph Lauren jeans – DKNY
14-15: Hat – Nordstrom Coat – Cp;e Haan Turtle Neck Sweater – Calvin Klein Trousers – Top Man Shoes – Cole Haan

I am a student and model and I work out of Houston, TX. Ever since I won junior model of the year and most sought after at IMTA in New York City in January of 2018, I fell deeply in love with the modeling industry and I haven’t looked back. I have been signed with a mother agency called Neal Hamil Agency based in Texas and they encourage me to do my best every day.  I don’t mess around and do one photo shoot a week, and at the same time, I am on top of my studies and my part-time job. I started modeling at 17 and am known to be fun and adorable to work with. I use my new found fame on Instagram for good and started the feel-good challenge ‘#spencersmilechallenge”, which my fans have posted photos of themselves smiling and tagging someone they think could use a smile that day. The internet can be a world of chaos and modern society forgets the importance of reaching out and checking on others and moreover the importance of self-care. We throw around the word’s ‘influencer” and “ambassador” too often and I think I would be an influencer and ambassador for good. In order to keep my focus in the right places, I start the day at 5 am at the gym, (hey this body doesn’t just happen!) and I like to keep an active lifestyle. That is why the world of fashion suits me perfectly as every shoot is different. My number one fan is my mom whom I talk to daily, which keeps me grounded and reminds me of my roots.

The next step I will take is to finish school in June and then take up modeling full time. I hope to be signed to a major agency and move to New York City, which I fell in love with during my visit at IMTA. Majors agencies that I respect, and hope will pick me up are IMG, Ford, DNA Models, and Two Management.

I hope you keep an eye on me on social media and follow my journey on Instagram @spencercrofoot. I will also launch a YouTube channel to focus on my life, just to give it to the world and hope they like it. The photo shoot I did with this photographer Prash @photog_p was a great experience. He took me to Galveston, Texas and I had the coolest clothes ever. I respect him so much because he gave me this great opportunity and I cannot thank him enough for what he did and I look forward to shooting with him again soon.


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