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Solis Magazine Fashion Editorial: Cause I Am

Solis Magazine Fashion Editorial: Cause I Am


Photographer: Patrycja Postrach, www.facebook.com/postrachphotography/
Female Model: Mariola Szymska, www.deerada.maxmodels.pl
Makeup artist: Ewelina Minior, www.facebook.com/makeupewelina/
Stylist: Diana Bryg-Opido, www.facebook.com/stylizona/

Wardrobe Credits:
Outfit 1: blouse – Your Sixth Sense, trousers – Zara, earrings – Reserved
Outfit 2: sweater – Zara, dress – Lucy Paris
Outfit 3: top – Hollister, fur and earrings – Reserved, trousers – H&M

The “Cause I am…” editorial was made in early 2018 in Poland, in the small town in Kazimierza Wielka at beautiful the Lacon Palace. Along with the make-up artist and stylist, we dreamed up beautiful interiors and we got a permission to take photos in this beautiful place. It is worth to mention that the Lacon Palace was built in the last of the 19th century, and the project came from the studio of the well-known Polish architect Tadeusz Stryjeński, the author of many well-known buildings, among others there is a train station in Budapest.

It was a cold January morning and we could not wait from the very dawn to create what we had planned for so long. Preparations for the editorial took a few months, everything had to create a coherent whole. Each of the team had a specific role and had to prepare themselves in 100%.

The main inspiration for the outfits was the style characteristic of the 80s. The reference to this period is visible in the strongly accented shoulder line, high waist, and large gold jewelry. The second source of inspiration was the palace interiors, where the session took place. It found its reflection in the richness of materials. Highly saturated colors and various textures bring to mind luxury and glamour, but at the same time, they are a strong contrast to the subdued interiors.

The make-up was supposed to show the same as the model’s posture and clothes – do not be afraid of breaking the convention, where does the contrast with the make-up and combination of different color tones – blue and gold-beige colors on the eyes and lips in the color of plum. The makeup uses a pencil technique to create expressive but smooth color transitions. The skin tone was evened out and highlighted thanks to contouring and face modeling using the light-shadow technique.

The editorial main character is a beautiful and independent woman who can do whatever she wants. There is nothing impossible for her, she climbs the career ladder. She is not afraid of her adversities, with a smile on her lips, she defeats them all. It is not always easy, but she always gets what she fights for. Her strength goes from inside, we can clearly read it from her face.

Although we live in the 21st century, women do not always feel like the heroine of our editorial. They do not always have the courage to realize their goals. They are afraid to dream. They hide themselves behind their children, unsuccessful relationships or parents who did not let them carry out their plans. There will always be an excuse, but the point is that despite these excuses, have the courage and heading out into the world. Begin to live a real life, enjoy the moment. And do not wake up in 30 years and regret that nothing has happened in your life for yourself.

To create the ‘Cause I am…’ editorial in which the heroine is a self-confident woman, we had to submit a team with such people. The team consisted of:

Photographer Patrycja, who is a young person that makes her first steps in fashion photography. Her great passion which is photography has turned into a way of life and business, which day by day brings her more of a smile on her face.

We’ve been looking for a suitable model for photos for a long time – it had to be a woman as we dreamed about. Which will not have to pose and pretend to be a strong and independent woman. We were looking for a model who is just such a woman. We hit the jackpot, Mariola did it with flying colors. We could not have dreamed better.

Ewelina used cosmetics loved by her and hundreds of other make-up artists for this great photo session: base for Smashbox Photo Finish, Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation, Makeup Forever HD powder, Kat Von D shade & light bronzer, Bourjois blush, Morphe shadows, Inglot, Huda Beauty, Zoeva, mascara Loreal, base for shadows Inglot Eyeshadow Keeper, Becca Cosmetics Highlighter. Ewelina cannot imagine her life without makeup – and good because she creates miracles on models faces!

Stylist Diana has found the perfect clothes for the pictures, just tell her what she wants and she will conjure everything out from under the ground. Like no others, she can combine colors, fabrics, and patterns. For the editorial, she used clothes from well-known brands such as Zara, Reserved, H & M and the less known ones: Your Sixth Sense, Lucy Paris, and Hollister. On a daily basis, she also runs her own business in Stylizona – image consulting and styling.


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