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Solis Magazine Fashion Editorial – Yaakunajil

Solis Magazine Fashion Editorial – Yaakunajil


Photography by Enrique Leyva enriqueleyva_photography, Alan Narváez. photobyalann
Stylist: Llamazares y de Delgado llamazaresydedelgado
Makeup Artist: Annayanci Macias anayanci_mua
Models: Hannah Mcleman hannahmcleman
Oscar Sagrado aka_sagrado for Broke Model Management, Mexico. Broke_mm

LOOK1 – Jacket: F.Pérez. Shirt: Rizhon. Trousers: Replay – PH: Enrique Leyva
LOOK2 – Hat: Stetson. Shirt: Llamazares y de Delgado – PH: Alan Narváez
LOOK3 – Earing: Begoña Palacios – PH: Alan Narváez
LOOK4 – Shirt: Rizhon. Trousers: Replay – PH: Enrique Leyva
LOOK5 – Jacket: Llamazares y de Delgado. Shirt: Tommy Bahama – PH: Enrique Leyva
LOOK6 – Top: Fabrizio P. Skirt: Monica Noguero – PH: Alan Narváez
LOOK7 – Ear gauges: Crazy-Factory, Nose ring: Uno de 50. Vintage bag: llamaydede – PH: Enrique Leyva
LOOK8 – Dress: Llamazares y de Delgado – PH: Enrique Leyva

The inspiration for this editorial has been Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, we wanted to portray some of the elements in the story with a fresh approach. The title means love in the Mayan language. The garments had to reflect sensuality, youth, innocence, and strength as well as the actual trends in a way. For the location, we wanted something nontypical or easily recognized as a landmark in Mexico city so we decided on a section of Chapultepec Park because in it there is a garden with shrubbery and open spaces with no boundaries. We thought it would help visually to set the lovers in their own space reflecting how free they feel by being in love.

The models should reflect strength in spite of their adolescent look so the casting was key too. The idea was to have models from different ethnical backgrounds to reinforce the different families to this we added tattoos and piercings for him to update the story while giving us the chance to include accessories for him and at the same time identifying characters to current urban cultures. The make-up chosen for both models has been a clean and not exaggerated one mainly to allow the models’ fresh and young features to be seen and thus reinforcing the connection to inspirational characters. Hair is brushed backward for her for one look and brushed and let loose for the other always trying to be a frame and help the garments to stand out, this will also show the two ways of being in front of love: controlled or passionate. For his hair has been left short and in a natural free way to show one of the current trends.

We decided to use different brands from Europe and America as these will reflect the two opposed families but we mixed them to create the idea of union as we did not want it to be a literal version of the story so we worked to blend all the selected elements from the story to appear in a subtle way. For instance, the picture where he is with the leather vintage bag, is a reference to him being banned from Verona, the bird earring she wears is the nightingale which sings outside Juliet’s chamber announcing dawn in their wedding night, the fancy dress ball where they meet is the picture of him with the hat. In the editorial not all the pictures are direct references to the story. The editorial was built around the main idea of young love, powerful and strong as an aesthetic excuse to combine brands and styles. Looks were created to give options of color and garment combinations keeping in mind that target customers would range between late teens to mid age.

The women’s wear garments include draping, loose fits, and fabrics which reflect chic sensual mood reinforced by accessories. For the menswear, there are daring and sophisticated tailoring pieces where timeless prints and volumes are worked with a unique and modern approach regarding cut, color palette, and positioning. To underline these features they are styled and combined with sport wear garments.

We have used garments from a wide range of options there is streetwear, prêt couture, accessories, high street fashion, vintage elements, and young designers brands. The aim was to achieve looks which are timeless and modern at the same time. We wanted without altering the story to reinterpret the ending, this is in the only picture when they are together, in which the dress and shirt are black, this color we have chosen to mean they are together in death , the pose and attitude of models is a happy one as we did not want the picture to be a sad one. It also opens the editorial but is not the last image. There is only one black and white picture where the focus is mainly to show happiness, the expression on the model, underlined by the color contrast with the rest of pictures, and the model being focused but the background fuzzy this is because the outside world is not important only the feeling is.

Another source of inspiration has been the film “Splendour in the grass “ from which the light treatment was worked for the editorial together with the idea that there is the reference of light every time Juliet appears in Shakespeare’s play this was worked both in the actual shooting as in postproduction. The idea of having two photographers is to have the same looks shot by two different persons and then select and combine the pictures to tell the story , this will be the parallel idea of how each one of the lovers, (Romeo and Juliet) built their love story through their unique way of loving each other. The different angle and frames of pictures are to reinforce youth and modernity, although we also wanted in some for there to be sort of classical poses of models in a kind of “ renaissance portrait” structure to refer to the original period the story is set in, these would be there to show that love is always going to exist and that it has been, is and will be a constant inspiration.

Solis Magazine Fashion Editorial - Yaakunajil

Solis Magazine Fashion Editorial – Yaakunajil

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