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Solis Magazine Fashion Editorial: Strong Brooke

Solis Magazine Fashion Editorial: Strong Brooke


Photographer – Reza Golestani (IG – @reza_golestani)
Model – Brooke Evangeline
Post Production – Golestani Studio

When Director Reza Golestani and Model Brooke Evangeline met at the 2017 La Jolla International Film Festival in San Diego, California, it was an instant connection. Surrounded by fashion, film and creatives from all over the world, the excitement was all-encompassing as new friendships were forged and old friendships were rekindled. Directors, producers, models, actors, musicians and artists of all kinds met to share in the largest fashion film festival in North America and the vibe was magical.

Inspired by the beauty and energy from 3 days of stunning visuals, Reza and Brooke decided to continue the momentum and shoot in the nearby hidden hills of San Clemente State Beach. Known for it’s natural sandstone cliffs and used mainly by local surfers, at daybreak the light was soft as it bounced off the cracks and crevices of this surreal and private setting. The mood was mysterious and mystical and inspiration came easily as each crevice seemed to hold a beautiful angle when they climbed higher among the cliffs. The air was dewy with a sea breeze that lightly ruffled the delicate workmanship of designer Nolan Dean’s red gown.

The location held special significance for Brooke, as one of her first photo shoots when she started in the industry was in this exact location. As an androgynous model who has stayed true to who she is, the strength and fortitude she has developed through the years is shown in the striking balance of colors and texture artfully captured by Reza. Not held down by the constraints of a studio setting, Reza and Brooke were free to express unique elements of contrast. The juxtaposition of nature and fashion through the contrast of the white sandstone and red dress and the roughness of the sand as the backdrop for the soft ethereal fabric made for an unforgettable morning and a shoot that holds dear memories of friendship, fashion and freedom.

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