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Solis Magazine Fashion Editorial – Separation Anxiety

Solis Magazine Fashion Editorial – Separation Anxiety


Photographer: LI-ON GREVIER
Female Model: Kelechi Ofoha
WB: @kelechiofoha
Creative Director: Rashi Bindra
WB: @pearlsnsequence
Makeup Artist: Eunique Thomas
WB: @facesbyeunique1
Male Model: Justin Pinnock
WB: @j,pinn17

Wardrobe Credits:
1-4 – F: Ensemble by Presence Prevail M: Shirt & Bow Tie by JM Trends Jeans by Zin Motowear
5 – Ensemble by Presence Prevail
6 – F: Ensemble by Presence Prevail M: Shirt & Bow Tie by JM Trends Jeans by Zin Motowear
7-9 – F: Cape and Tights by PCP Clothing / Toronto Fashion Academy Jewelry by Captve M: Shirt by Zin Motowear Jacket by PCP Clothing /Toronto Fashion Academy Joggers by Hip & Bone/ Toronto Fashion Academy Jewelry by Captve and Navio.designs
10-11 – F: Outfit by Nesy Nou
12 – F: Dress by Nesy Nou Jewelry by Navio Designs

Separation Anxiety is a power play between man and woman; there is only one controller. In our story, the male counterpart feels he knows his opposite and can handle her fierceness but reality says otherwise. Inspired by the ‘no fucks given’ attitude of Rihanna, “Separation Anxiety” was inspired by all the women who have started to live life on their terms; whether it be in PCP Clothing, or tying their men in JM Trends bow ties.

As women own their sexuality, it is starting to spill over to their careers, relationships and way of life. By no means are men to be degraded in any way; quite the opposite. They are challenged but challenged to step up and let them relinquish control and be owned, even for a moment, by her. Fashion Designers are blurring the lines between couture and casual which allows designers like Hip and Bone and Zin Motowear to be part of the same concept and compliment new designers like Presence Prevail and Nesy Nou.

Regardless of seasons or trends, what is changing is gender roles and how we accept them. Having a him and her shoot where the guy is unsure about his role in her life and what he brings to the table is much more accepted and wanted. Clothing plays a role in one’s sense of self which has been well portrayed in this shoot. The colors and styles stand out without taking away from the shots but have contributed to her sense of entitlement. The shot of her in white; which would usually show softness, angelicness, and purity; instead shows her confidence and defiance. Not only does she feel entitled but she feels naughty; almost taunting the camera by saying “Look at me covered in the best clothing only to have it taken off on my terms” and that is powerful.

Having him give into her demands, yet being held back by his own internal struggle is portrayed effortlessly in each frame. Unsure of how much emotion to show, he is intimidated by her confidence, her security and her need to discard him whenever she feels like it. Call this female empowerment, changing times or a movement, but the generation accepts it, likes it and allows it to grow. Games are usually seen in the professional world, where he is at the top and she has to climb or sleep her way up yet never overtaking him. This has changed drastically and men no longer have that ruling power. “Separation Anxiety” aims to show the opposite of the current statement.

This shoot was an exciting challenge to put together as each designer is very different, and to see it all work in favor of that one message was interesting. It reinforced the notion of fashion designers blurring the lines of one identity as a brand and becoming diverse to fit the rapidly evolving generation. Simple pieces became the center of attention and seemed to flow with the concept. Haute Couture wasn’t needed, nor was “streetwear” but pieces that worked with the models took ownership of them and the shoot took a life of its own.

As a team, we worked on creating a story that is simple yet effective and that glorifies both man and woman while showcasing the power play set in motion. The message is there, emboldened by fashion and accepted by everyone.

Solis Magazine Fashion Editorial - Seperation Anxiety

Solis Magazine Fashion Editorial – Separation Anxiety

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