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Solis Magazine Fashion Editorial – Where is the Pink

Solis Magazine Fashion Editorial – Where is the Pink


Photographer: Inese Golde – goldephotography.co.uk / instagram.com/golde_photography
Designer: Kirie-Lea Cussen- instagram.com/kirieleacussen
Make Up Artist: Justine Maria – instagram.com/justinemaria_hmua
Model: Ioana Matache – instagram.com/ioanamch

When rural meets metropolitan it creates the current fashion. It is not possible to answer is it a temporary trend or something that will be written on our timelines. The style of 20-20. However, both inspire each other. Many artists seek inspiration from the city as much as from a relaxed countryside. Mixing nature with historical elements and events. In this project, I and my team wanted to merge this inspiration together and create something between them.

Designer Kirie-Lea Cussen describes the inspiration for each look.

LOOK 1.Red/black look [Ninja Feminine];
The inspiration behind this ensemble was western ideas of traditional Japanese geisha, but with a more warrior-esque vibe. This idea was used throughout the rest of the collection [‘To Tokyo and back’] for London fashion week back in 2010. The designer used a wine-red taffeta for the jacket and created draped sleeves to imitate the look of an almost kimono sleeve. The jacket collar is layered with wadding so it is able to stand on its own. The jacket fastens with traditional black frog fastenings and on the back, are appliqued butterfly motifs to represent a woman’s freedom. The black liquid satin skirt was taken from another look in the collection specifically for this photoshoot.

LOOK 2. Black kimono look [Emperoress];
Taken from the same collection [‘To Tokyo and back’], this look was inspired by the way a traditional kimono looks, but with a more western streetstyle idea of a kimono, with an overexaggerated collar and no sleeves to balance out the look. Made in a black floral brocade for a subtle yet stunning detail that comes alive in the light. A thin gold waistband was added to the look to complete it.

It gives a business style in the front and party style in the back look that could be dressed down and smartened for work or dressed up for a night on the town.

80’s inspired jacket look [Mullet];
The tailored suit jacket was inspired by the 80’s hairstyle the ‘mullet’. A business in the front, the party in the back look that could be dressed down and smartened for work, or dressed up for a night on the town. The jacket is made from navy wool and angora blend, with a contrasting traditional tailored collar and jet pockets with flaps. Crystal-like buttons were used to compliment the colors of the jacket. The final look gives a sort of metropolitan hipness. The location creates abandoned feeling, a color which does not stitch to wall, metal rails which covered with rust, asphalt which lost its usual dark blue/grey tone.

The inspiration behind the Pink Flamingo was to brace the viewers gaze by subtracting the model from the background. My idea was to capture a vibrant effect in the picture and allow the viewers to study and appreciate the image. The series demonstrates how something static can be transformed into something alluring but still fashion forward.

Make-up Artist Justine Maria tried to reflect how everything is connected in one way or another and is drawn from the principle “I am you and you are me” once said by Tich Nhat Hanh a Vietnamese Monk. As in this photo shoot, it symbolizes how nature enters in city and city is entering in nature. She successfully marge the model and the flamingo (in this project symbol of nature) in eternality and demonstrates how both can live in harmony.

As a Photographer, I will continue exploring how surrounding inspire fashion industry and how these two aspects can comply with each other. After all, I feel that it surrounding is inspires many photographers and designers. Colors, textures and forms are one of my main studying subjects.”

Solis Magazine Fashion Editorial - Where is the Pink

Fashion Editorial – Where is the Pink

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