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Solis Magazine Fashion Editorial – ELIF

Solis Magazine Fashion Editorial – ELIF


Photographer: Kevin Rinaldo
Hair Stylist: Sabrina Bedjaoui
Creative Director: Hajar Raoui
Female Model: Eleonore @VIP MODELS

1-2 Earrings and Scarf- Yves Saint Laurent Dress – Zara Neck Body – Intimissimi
3 Outfit – Bleu Tango
4 Pants – Ralph Lauren
Top – Zara Belt – Zara
5-7 Shoes – Minelli
Top – Zara Pants – Stradivarius
8-11 Earrings – Dior
Shoes – Chanel Dress – Zara
11-12 Dress – Zara

The ELIF series has been triggered by a very simple idea. As I am used to working with my beloved one, I was once steering at her, one Sunday afternoon, while she was working on her laptop at the very moment. She appeared as the perfect mix in between the French Parisian city-dweller and the suburban woman attached to her peacefulness. We thought then together about the shift from winter to spring period to add some more tension and drama to the series. Then everything went like a snowball. We discussed the precise agency model’s profiles who could fit the spirit of our newborn project. Then we handled with the mood board part: seeking for what could suit the best in terms of outfits to transcribe the desired mood. Hence, we present our project to several vintage stores to collaborate.

We really did want to get a mild, warm and woody atmosphere to point out the warm-up of the shift between winter and spring. This is the reasons why we contacted a well-known Parisian hotel, the 9 H Montparnasse to book their all-in wood suite called La Cabane. We thought that natural lighting set up would benefit the overall atmosphere, therefore, no flash has been used, only reflectors and ambient light.

Afterward, we got in touch with Sabrina, our usual professional make-up artist and hairstylist to consider the haircuts and the make-up inspirations. We do always set up the boldest details before the shooting in order to anticipate all the needs of the team and prevent unexpected issues. But at the same time, we encourage and cherish imagination and creative ideas in the set. The D-day of the shooting session we were really cautious about the mood of the model and the atmosphere, there a playlist has been thought before with really retro French song, most written in the 70’s. The 5 looks were shot in 2 and half hours including, the make-up and the hairstylist preparations.

We always set up things to shoot in a limited amount of time to get the very best of ourselves and to challenge the team to get involved right from the start. It is truly important to feed and cultivate consistency throughout every single look to get a proper and clean overall humor. We try to give the most of ourselves in order to feel and live the story of the shoot by choosing the right music and giving the right precise directives to the model.

The internal mechanism of our creations leans on a work alongside process. Teamwork means everything to me. As a fashion photographer, I do love to create on my own and to get inspired but I also need a feedback from my team to grow and to build up things to the next level. Team spirit is what truly thrills me to go on from project to project and allow me to not burn out over the time. Thus, I feel very blessed to have such supportive and professional team.
Editorial projects are essential to achieving when you earn a living as a creative. It helps to outpace from a professional perspective but even to attract future potential clients. It is also a great opportunity to widen a targeted market and to rethink an established business plan towards other lines of business.

It is just amazing when someone has the opportunity to do what he loves every day. When I look to all the things we fulfilled together and all the upcoming projects, I feel like I have no limits and I forget about all the boundaries and hustles. I truly feel like I own the world.

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