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Solis Magazine Fashion Editorial – Decadence

Solis Magazine Fashion Editorial – Decadence


Photographer: Dimitra Sardi
Photographer: Christine Mitrea
Makeup Artist: Yilsan Make-up Artist
Model: Arianne-Unity Hargrave
Make-up Artist: Emilie Mahglam

Wardrobe Credits:
1 – Dress: Etsy
2 – Dress: Selfridges
3 – Scarf: Etsy
4 – Dress: H&M
5 – Necklace: Antique Dress: H&M
6 – Dress: H&M
7 – Dress: H&M Scarf: Etsy
8 – Dress: Topshop
9 – Dress: H&M
10 – Top: Topshop Shorts: M&S

“Everyday’s an endless stream of cigarettes and magazines”, as put by Simon and Garfunkel in ‘Homeward Bound’; this lyric evokes the feeling of loneliness that can come when chasing a dream. Following on from this, the inspirations for these shots come from a similar sense of productive isolation, and the inherent fear of failure that come attached to this particular lifestyle.

The dark backgrounds used to contrast the white and red tones used in the makeup and accessories, while the black color theme is continued in the main feature clothing pieces. The aim of this contrast in color themes is to demonstrate that while apparent darkness can seem to surround us when we’re feeling alone, we ourselves do not have to entirely embody it.

“Tonight I’ll sing my songs again, I’ll play the game and pretend” the song continues, showing that a person can continue to feel disingenuous even while doing something that they enjoy. The title ‘Decadence’ is derived from the literal definition of the word itself, “moral or cultural decline as characterized by excessive indulgence in pleasure or luxury”. Some of these shots portray this feeling of a lack of fulfillment that can come from superficial success and material gain. The sense of movement in these same shots can also be seen as the sense of drifting and perhaps even falling that a person can sometimes feel as they struggle to keep track of themselves in times of business and confusion. However, this same sense of movement can similarly also represent action in the sense of beginning to break free from these limiting constraints. This seeks to demonstrate the notion that you can still maintain a level of your own personal freedoms even when you don’t feel entirely in control of either your life and career or yourself.

“But all my words come back to me in shades of mediocrity”, it is possible for an artist to lose a degree of faith in their work while they feel that it may no longer reflect their true self and inspirations, they may feel as though they are an impostor in their own life. The clothing choices for these shots was inspired by a combination of high fashion pieces and some more avant-garde styles combined with a slightly more wearable and relatable finish to the looks. The combination of these two different styles shows the struggle an artist has with the feeling of duplicity and the difficulty they may have in trying to balance both their work and their personal life, while also keeping them separated. This can often lead to some confusion for the artist about what is life and what is art, and about what is mimicking what; the blurring of the two different fashion styles seeks to reflect this same sense of blurring and confusion. The inspiration for some of the shots that heavily incorporate the color red in both the clothing and makeup looks was a parallel feeling of defiance and hope in the face of rejection and hardship. This comes from the idea that, in order to achieve a certain goal, one must be both determined and optimistic.

“Like emptiness in harmony, I need someone to comfort me” the song begins to finish, showing the isolation felt when constantly working and traveling. The pursuit of a dream can be a lonely experience and these shots reflect the side of an alternative and ambitious lifestyle that isn’t often shown to the world. It can be difficult to try and make it on your own without the support of loved ones. But comfort can be found in knowing that, eventually, you will be “homeward bound”.


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