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Solis Magazine Fashion Editorial – Botanical Fashion

Solis Magazine Fashion Editorial – Botanical Fashion


Photographer: Matthaeus Anton Schmid
Makeup Artist: Sabine Molitor
Model: Anna Corinna Samek

Wardrobe Credits:
Trousers: Gutos
Red Belt: Boysens
Red Bralette: Noname
Body: Tallyweijl
Tailcoat: Selfmade
Shoes: Catwalk

Matthaeus Anton Schmid, aged 38, is a beauty/fashion photographer based in Vienna, Austria. The “Botanical Fashion Project” has been planned and executed with the help of Make Up & Hair Artista Sabine Molitor and Model Anna Corinna Samek. Working in the avant-garde fashion field, the team had the will to create a modern, artistic and surreal look in using different, contradictory accessories and clothes. Mood and situation were to be dark and straight.

The project was about illustrating the contrasts of nature, the beauty changing herself into a beast and moving forward afterward. Elements like the flower, the light and the darkness, day and night, yellow and black represent the bipolarity of nature and life. A new day, a new story begins.

The set follows a sequence of natural processes:
1.The yellow flower arises from a maiden mouth, a sweet awakening is symbolized.
2.The flower moves around in the direction of a climax
3.The natural brown colored look resembles a phase of a certain maturity, the already familiar look of a blooming inconspicuous girl
4.The dark gaze points in the direction of the night, eerie feelings are in the air until darkness begins
5.A gory end, the end time is already near, darkness and primary instincts are awaken
6.A new day, the morning begins as if there had been no night.

The idea of the series was to combine different looks and items to entangle the viewer via a crazy mix of textures, colors, and materials. We had a lot of fun in this set as well as spontaneous ideas and a flow of creating art started soon. Music was planning in the studio and the temperature was just fine. Sophie, the owner of the studio, had a large bunch of artificial flowers and plants standing around, from which Matthaeus used a yellow gerbera imitation, which he disassembled.

In the first Set, these artificial petals were glued to Anna’s lips to create a strange vision of an augmented colorful mouth. The yellow flower arises from a maiden mouth, a sweet awakening is symbolized. Matthaeus also used black tights which he ripped apart prior to the session with the intention to slip it over Anna’s Face in the second set. Artificial petals have also been glued to Anna’s eyelids to complete a surreal unfamiliar look. Anna’s blue eyes are in perfect complementary balance to the yellow of the artificial petals. The flower moves in the direction of a climax.

The yellow-black combination in the second set makes Anna look like a crazy bank robber in search of the next lending institute. Anna wanted to do a fashion set too and brought many different outfits from which we chose the red bralette and the brown corduroy trousers from Gutos in combination with a red belt from Boysens. The natural brown colored look resembles the now already known bloomed inconspicuous girl.

Anna’s striking poses carry the effect of a surreal, modern look to a new level. Makeup was applied in different phases to support the desired output in each set. In the End, Sabine applied red color in large strokes on Anna’s face to create a gory looking vision of a young girl painted in red. Colors were intensified in the postproduction to maximize the variegated style and look. Light setups were arranged with four monolights, one of them as the main light in the front left and one fill light as well as one side light and one light for the background. Matthaeus used a silver reflector in front to brighten up Anna’s eyes from below. The series transports a strong impact of a look between fashion and beauty, combined with an unaccustomed view of botanical elements.

Every project is a challenge. The space between the sometimes contradictory contexts of beauty, fashion and art can be seen as the possibility to create fresh, unfamiliar looks as well as odd views which can disturb the beholder. In this set, the dramatic look is achieved by inspiration of a sequence that is about polarities and contrasting elements in nature as in life.