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Solis Magazine Fashion Editorial – Blooming

Solis Magazine Fashion Editorial – Blooming


Photographer: Marisa Pike
IG: marisapikephotography
WB: www.MarisaPike.com
Model: Annika Pampel
WB: annikapampel
Makeup Artist: Amy Blalock
WB: aemei

Wardrobe Credits:
Pink/peach dress is Free People.
Burgundy stripped dress is vintage.
Brown uniform top is vintage.
Black lingerie is H&M.
Boots are BassPro shop.
Hat is H&M.
Veil is handmade.

Vibrant spreads of yellow, purple, orange and different shades of red are spreading their charm all over California. Now, while that brings with it a wave of antihistamine sales, for those unfortunate enough to react to pollen, it also shows the incredible resilience and resurgence of mother nature.

For the first time since 2011, after a winter with heavy snowfall and rain, intermingled with a few storms, California is drought free. Just last year, horrid wildfires raged all over the state, taking entire cities, forests, and lives in their path. It seemed apocalyptic. A situation that might take years to recover from.

But this spring, nature has shown us that it’s already on its way. It a show of extremes, the dry deserts around Los Angeles, with its usual beige and brown tones, turned from subdued desolates to a kaleidoscope of life. Wildflowers are covering every inch they can get a hold of.

Represented in the fashion of this editorial, that means the vivacious use of vintage items in a brand new light. Babydoll dresses, such as seen here from FreePeople with a hippie 60s flare, accompany combat leather boots from BassPro shop. An unusual combination. Most certainly. But one as unique as seeing a desert in full bloom.

Easy and breathing in the warm spring air. That is the idea of a shoot where nature and its ever-changing face take the reigns. Flowy skirts and bold polka dots are just as welcome and hats and subtle veils. The soul will peak through regardless. With the hope of a year full of natures gems, spring in California already gives us a beautiful glimpse into a positive, colorful direction.

Solis Magazine Fashion Editorial - Blooming

Fashion Editorial – Blooming

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