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Solis Magazine Fashion Editorial – ARAI

Solis Magazine Fashion Editorial – ARAI


Photographer: Alina Kvitka
IG: https://www.instagram.com/kvitka.photography
WB: http://kvitka.photography
Makeup Artist/Hair Stylist: Kseniya Ozlem
WB: kseniya.makeup
Female Model: Arai Erkebayeva
WB: erkebayeva

Wardrobe Credits:
1-2: Jacket: Pull&Bear Dress: Terranova Earrings: Mango
3: Dress: Terranova Earrings: Mango
4: Jacket: Pull&Bear Dress: Terranova Earrings: Mango
5: Jacket: Pull&Bear Jeans: Zara Turtleneck: Zara Dress: Terranova Earrings: Mango
6: Earrings: Mango Dress: Terranova
7: Turtleneck: Zara
8: Jacket: Pull&Bear Jeans: Zara Turtleneck: Zara Earrings: Mango
9: Dress: Terranova
10: Turtleneck: Zara

“If we all follow the fashion, will we not be the same?

Hello! I’m Alina Kvitka. Ukrainian, I live in Turkey and do what I love most – photography. One day I just walked along our most crowded street. Among the crowd, I accidentally saw a girl in a bright jacket and men’s shoes. She quickly passed and since I sometimes feel like a photo hunter for unusual people (photographers will understand 🙂, I began to follow her:)

When I caught her up, I suggested that she do a photo shoot with me once; she agreed.

When we discussed with the make-up artist what exactly we would do, she summed up the concept:

– What did you like most about this girl? – asked Ksenia
– Perhaps the fact that she is what she is.
– Yes, and that is what we will emphasize.

And so Ksenia was born this image, which emphasizes the almond shape of eyes of our model Arai, her natural appearance.

You can go on about the fashion trends and make of this cute girl a Europeanized model: stick eyelashes, increase lips, make cheekbones and reduce forehead. However, the make-up artist emphasized her naturalness.

We are all different. And it is beautiful! You need to be yourself (in appearance, in style, in behavior), despite the trends in fashion, despite the standards of beauty, despite what people say.

In our time of social networks, when on Instagram there are millions of videos with make-up in “100 layers of base”, for which you can’t see the real you, it’s hard not to go for it. And it turns out that all the girls are becoming like each other … this is strange, isn’t it?

The saddest thing is people who have a truly unusual appearance are embarrassed by this and try to hide everything about original themselves. I know an albino girl (just a bomb for a photographer!) who, because of offenses at school, lives with complexes and believes that she is not as beautiful as everyone. I know a girl who has a height of 1.90 and long legs, but because of her boyfriend, who humiliates her, she also considers herself ugly. I know a sweet girl with bulging ears and big eyes. Her parents told her that they wanted a boy, and now she turned out that way. And she considers herself not pretty at all.

And why do we think that beauty is a particular image ?! Why does someone allow to evaluate a person and say to him: is he beautiful or not?

The truth is that we are ALL beautiful! EVERYBODY! Beauty standards are different everywhere and for everyone. In Japan they are one, in America, they are completely different. For this person, she is beautiful, and for another – she will say “no”.

You have to accept yourself as you are. And be proud of it. If we carry ourselves with pride, with a good mood, bright clothes that we like, and not fashion standards, we will be perceived like that.

If we imitate someone, we will be fake, because this someone is already original. If we copy trends, even if they do not suit us, it will look ridiculous.

Let’s be yourself. Take the brightest jacket, favorite brother’s boots and wear, if you like so much. This is your personality, feature, unique style.

Thank you for your attention to my photos! I’m really looking forward to see you on my Instagram page instagram.com/kvitka.photography and page of makeup-artist Kseniya instagram.com/kseniya.makeup

I am always open to communication with creative people!”

Fashion Editorial – ARAI

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