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Shadow Of The Colossus Looks And Feels Better Than Ever In PS4 Remake


After being announced at E3 this year, Shadow of the Colossus’s PS4 remake became one of the console’s most anticipated games. The action game was critically acclaimed when it launched on PS2 in 2005, and playing it in HD on PS4 is a tantalizing proposition.

Thankfully, we got to play a small slice of the game at Paris Games Week, and we were impressed. Bluepoint, the team handling the port, appears to have done a great job of modernizing the game and improving its visuals. On the gameplay front, the biggest change is jump now being mapped to X rather than Triangle, a change that threw Tamoor off when he first sat down with the game. The tweak makes sense, however, and helps the game feel less like the 12 year old title it is. Tamoor also thinks the game feels a touch faster now, but in a good way. See more of his thoughts in the video at the top of this article. Note: we were only able to capture off-screen gameplay.

The taster has excited, and we don’t have long to wait: Shadow of the Colossus’ PS4 release date has been set as February 6. The news was revealed after Sony’s Paris Games Week press conference, during which it showed off a new trailer of the upcoming remake. You can check out that trailer above.

For more on the remake, check out some Shadow of the Colossus PS4 gameplay, or take a look at the below video. Alternatively, check out why we think the game is still wonderful.