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Returning to the elements


Photographer: CHRISTOFFER WIKLÖW (www.christofferwiklow.com)
MUA & hairstylist: AITOR SEDANO

LOOK 1-3: Pants & crop-top by NATALIA SUSHCHENKO; shoes by Zara
LOOK 2: Pants & crop-top by NATALIA SUSHCHENKO; shoes by Zara; sunglasses by ÉTALON BY STEVE CANAR
LOOK 4-5: Skirt & crop-top by NATALIA SUSHCHENKO; shoes by Zara; necklace by AMEND
LOOK 6-8: Skirt & shirt by ELINE VAN REE; sunglasses by ÉTALON BY STEVE CANAR;
LOOK 9: Jacket by ELINE VAN REE; crop-top by NATALIA SUSHCHENKO; pants by ELINE VAN REE; necklace by AMEND
LOOK 10: pants by ELINE VAN REE; necklace by AMEND; croptop by NATALIA SUSHCHENKO
LOOK 11: dress by ELINE VAN REE; shoes by DR MARTENS; necklace by AMEND; sunglasses by ÉTALON BY STEVE CANAR
LOOK 12: dress by ELINE VAN REE; shoes by DR MARTENS; necklace by AMEND; sunglasses by ÉTALON BY STEVE CANAR

This fashion editorial from Barcelona, Spain was inspired by waking up to bright sunshine and wanting to run away from a labyrinth of minimal architecture and concrete until reaching the sparkling blue Mediterranean seashore to bask in the sun to be truly free of physical borders.

The clothes were carefully chosen to work well with the locations: from the clean, minimalistic scene that lets the cutting-edge pieces from the Russian designer Natalia Sushchenko take center stage in the element of the sun, while pieces from the Belgian designer Eline Van Ree dominates the concrete surroundings until reaching the seashore where it finds its place with the element of the sea.

This was a collaboration that drew together creative people from five different countries to melt into one fashion editorial: Belgian designer Eline van Ree, Spanish makeup artist & hairstylist Aitor Sedano, Russian designer Natalia Sushchenko, Russian model Sonya Tarasova, American designer Steve Canar and the Swedish photographer Christoffer Wiklöw.

Nordic style meets Mediterranean It’s by no coincident that a lot of fashion photographers are living in Barcelona where the sun is shining almost every day and where some of the world’s biggest model agencies are located in. It is in this city you get to meet creative people from all over the world, either on the beach or in a tapas-bar. For Christoffer Wiklöw it was an easy choice. After studying both photography and journalism and working as a radio journalist he chose to move to Barcelona to focus more on photography. His style focuses on a Nordic sense of minimalism combined with a blue or purple tint that works well with the Mediterranean warm sun. And architecture plays a big role in the composition of a fashion shoot.

“I always play with lines or empty spaces that can greatly enhance the symbiosis between the model, the outfits and the location for a fashion editorial. By keeping a minimalistic approach to the location, lines, and geometry it can all in a subtle way lead the viewer to the model to make sure nothing else is stealing the attention. It is about making the whole picture almost surreal and soothing to look at as there are no distractions.”

“That is why I ask myself for every photoshoot ‘how much can I dare to let empty space speak volumes?’. In a world where we are overflooded with pictures and surroundings that scream more is more, I feel it is a challenge and a must to declutter a setting for a photo shoot as a way to let the viewer have a moment of peace.”



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