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“Radiate” By Rick Denzien [OFFICIAL]


Radiate” is an original rock song by Rick Denzien. Bandmates include Chuck Treece on Drums, Kjell Benner on Bass along with Allen James on Lead Guitar. I’m singing an playing acoustic guitar, joining me on vocals is backing vocalist Debra Lee from Lyra Project.

Rick Denzien radiates Pure positive rock vibes
by Tyler Stansfield Jaggers

Rick Denzien – Radiate Rick Denzien radiates Pure positive rock vibes Rick Denzien – Radiate Rick Denzien – Radiate In a sea of uncertainty, it is excellent to take a break and listen to some positive rock music. Rick Denzien has a song called, “Radiate” that has been consistently been a YouTube music video that I’ve been playing at least twice a day. The song has solid lyrics, and the singing is high quality. But what I like most about it, is that the choices of harmonies are quite aggressive and invert more often than one would expect from a song from this style of music. Overall, I’m impressed and emotionally stirred, without being exhausted or pushed to the point of tension. It is a great song to start a listening session. Some of the harmonies are driven by the lead guitar and others are initiated by the vocals. It is an interesting and compelling flow of sonic movement that keeps the track fresh even after consecutive listens.

I’m not going to comment too much on the music video, but some kid takes a nasty spill on his two-wheeled metal scooter around 2 minutes and zero seconds. And the lyrics are, “Falling Down.” It is appropriate and thought to provoke mental and emotional imagery juxtaposition that evokes both urgency of the spirit, as well as the trepidatious reality of extreme sports.

The guitar solo makes a lot of sense. It isn’t very long, but it captures a blues feel that is tormented by an organ, that wants to be heard, yet waits in the rafters.

There is a positive rock message of non-violence in the piece. And yet there is a ton of pain and violence in the video. I’m guessing that the contrasting imagery with the dialogue of love is supposed to make the listener, think. All I know is that when my dog just came into my room, I put down a towel for her so she didn’t have to sleep on the cold tile floor. If that does not love, I don’t know what is. The vibe of the song is both energizing and wistful at the same time.

Do I get ‘pumped’ to Radiate by Rick Denzien: yes.