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Photography showcase – A women’s World

Photography showcase – A women’s World


Photographer: Patrick Sporleder
Models: Makayla M. @Maggie Inc, Jordan H. @Model Club Inc., Alex A. @Maggie Inc
Makeup Artist: Phiphi Liang
Hair Stylist: Jamie Wiley

A strong woman isn’t born that way. She has forged through the challenges and emotions of life. With each trial, she grows mentally and emotionally tough. She moves forward with inner strength and her head held high. She doesn’t apologize for writing her own story or editing it along the way. She invents herself and then reinvents herself again. She isn’t afraid to call people out on their shit. She knows when to walk away and when to stay and compete. The feeling of this editorial is just that; a woman’s world of strength and dignity.  We wanted to depict the feminism of a woman in a tough and bad ass way. By using masculine clothing and shooting in black and white you can see the rawness of each woman’s being.

The hair inspiration came from the 1950’s Rockabilly era. With the curves and turns of victory rolls but pushed beyond that to make it modern with edge. Pairing the rolls with accents of micro braids; gives lines within each shape. Thus, making it feminine and fierce at the same time. The sleekness of each style is a throw back to male greasers in the 50’s. This brings the editorial full circle of feminism and masculinity in one. A woman’s world no matter what she is wearing; high heels or a bomber jacket, she is bad ass.

The makeup inspiration comes from strong female characters that have appeared on screen. In order to play up this feature, we wanted to make the eyes the main focus by using a neutral eyeshadow and tight lining the eyes with lots of mascara and soft contouring of the face. By keeping the makeup simple, it does not distract away from the strong hair or clothes that model is wearing.