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Photography Showcase – I Came Here to Visit

Photography Showcase – I Came Here to Visit


Photographer: Thomas H P Jerusalem, MUTE Photography
Model: Britt

She packed the last pieces of clothes into her suitcase and there wasn’t much space left. Some of the things she wanted to bring would have to stay at home. There was only one bag allowed. She looked at the framed photo on the nightstand. It was something they didn’t allow to bring. No photos, no paperwork, and no books. It was a trip she had planned a while ago but always rescheduled with some excuse she made up to herself. The separation of Albert hit her hard. Although she was a strong woman and did not show, it was something that threw her off more than she wanted to admit.

But now she was looking forward to it. The house was clean. A few things she sold and gave away to family and friends to make space for some new things she purchased. The past days she spent on rearranging furniture and moving things around. She had the walls of the empty room papered with some beautiful nursery wallpaper she ordered at the hardware store. She wanted it to be nice and neat when THEY would be back.

Everything as she wrote down during the meeting she had with the representative from the agency. She was sure she did not forget a thing. She was always very organized. The last comment read they would pick her up at one of the ‘stones’. A message would tell her when she was at the right spot. She would find it they affirmed after she tried to reassure.

It was a peculiar place to go at this time of the day the cabbie driver mumbled when they arrived but she was too tired to respond after the 8 hours train ride earlier, or just too excited. Maybe the pills she took 2 hours ago added to it. She took exactly two of them at 9 o’clock as they asked her to. Now it was late. It was a dark night. New moon. She tried to walk a bit faster after her eyes got used to the darkness. The suitcase was heavy. The old gate opened when she got closer to it. Everything behind it looked – interesting.

This place was bright. She had to close her eyes to not get blinded. It must have been lightened by the most powerful electric lights in all colors. And there were so many signs and people everywhere. For a second she thought she saw a person walking right through another person. She was tired and this place was exciting. But something did not make sense. It took her a while to realize. With all the people randomly walking around. This place was – quite – muted. People were talking, there were people laughing and kids were singing but no voices came out.

She was freezing but the excitement didn’t make her feel it when she was wandering around. The signs had names on it and numbers that looked like dates. But nothing looked familiar. The agent said she will note if she sees it. Now she was running through that place, running right through people. Nobody was bothered. Nobody seemed to note her.

She wanted to be with her baby again, that was why she booked that trip. They promised her they will make it happen and when she returned they would be a family again. Just enough clothes for her and the baby. A suitcase is full of clothes and memories. No photos. She was almost about to give up when she stumbled over a hole in the ground. She caught herself and when she opened her eyes she was able to read the sign. Baby. Anna.

Photography Showcase - I CAME HERE TO VISIT

Photography Showcase – I Came Here to Visit

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