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Photography Showcase – Toni Barker

Photography Showcase – Toni Barker


Photography: Martin Lowenthal | www.mlvphotography.com
Fashion Stylist: Toni Style Spot | www.tonistylespot.com
Makeup Artist: Ivy Landaverde
Gold & Black Pants: Designs by Shawanna Thompson
Model & Sunglasses Creation: Toni Barker

Thinking a little deeper about those words reminds me of a very inspirational quote by Martin Luther King, Jr, he said, “Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.”

Often times we are inspired to create something new or make a change but our inspirations sometimes come with baggage. Thoughts such as, I don’t have the time, money, connections etc. and the list can go on and on. I encourage you to drop your baggage off right where you picked it up and have faith that you can make your dreams a reality. Not doing so can actually eat away who you are really meant to be.

Being a new Fashion Stylist, I decided to do just that and put my inspirations into a reality. Whatever I can imagine, whatever opportunities big or small I decided I’m the best candidate for the project. By doing so there have been a few lessons learned along the way but it only helps one to grow.

This photoshoot was a positive outcome by taking my inspiration and turning it into a reality. Looking out the window on an overcast Sunday morning I started to think about my presence as a Fashion Stylist. Granted people have seen by the projects I have completed and clients I’ve worked with as to what my company is about. However, few are familiar with how it all got started and what is Toni’s personal style all about.

When I first moved from Guyana, South America to Queens, New York, it was in the middle of winter. I recalled the temperature being below nine degrees and thinking why I am here. The relocation was definitely a culture shock. Growing up in Guyana I only knew about one season and it was tropical. However, eventually, I adapted to my new environment and started paying more attention to my personal style. Even though I enjoy Summer, I fell in love with the fashion and style the Fall and Winter seasons brought. In an effort to show more of who I am and how I create unique styles for myself I decided to do an impromptu photoshoot.

Having someone that shares your interest in life, fashion and creativity come in handy when you’re inspired. I am very fortunate to have a significant other who is a professional photographer. When his schedule permits he enjoys getting creative with me on certain projects. Knowing what’s in your closet can save you time and money when planning a last minute photo shoot.

For the first look, I wanted to have the color “Gold” as the main flare with the pearl sunglasses as the highlight. The top I am wearing is actually a gold skirt I found at Nordstrom Clearance Rack on one of my retail therapy sessions. I was inspired to take different sections of the skirt to give it an effortless ruffled look. It was paired with a one of kind sequence bell pants designed by a very talented local designer Shawanna Thompson.

Bell pants are one of my favorite things to wear. Although this style became very popular in the 70’s it is truly a fashion statement when styled well. To complete my gold themed look I topped it off with a gold necklace and pearl sunglasses. This looks sums up my personality to a T, for I am a High Fashion girl with a little Funk.

After I created the first look my eyes glanced on a pair of half finger gloves I purchased from Rue21. The gloves right away motivated me to create a second look. While creating my first look I had set aside a sleeveless sweater top that I was going to wear for the day. I decided to get a little bit more creative by adding a pair of knee high boots from JustFab.com. They’re one of my favorite online shoe stores.

Thinking about the current temperature I made sure I kept warm by pairing the look with a black hat and denim shorts from Ross Dress for Less with some fishnet tights. This look tells a story of a creative artist who’s ready to dominate the world of fashion.

The two additional looks were both on set decisions. The sweater top and sequence pants were paired to give a variation on how you can have one statement piece and make it formal or informal. Last but definitely not least my significant other wanted to try a new blast of bright ideas. My style was the gold skirt that was previously worn as a top now worn as a dress.

This image was my favorite from this set and the blast of light signifies bright ideas. You only have two choices, you can let it blind you or you can let it shine on your path to success.