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Photography Showcase – Starlight by Anna DeLuna

Photography Showcase – Starlight by Anna DeLuna


Photographer: Anna DeLuna
Makeup Artist/Hair Stylist: Makeup Artist Oksana Tomnikova
Wardrobe Stylist: Stylist Julia Nechaeva
Fashion Designer: Designer Ksenia Dorogova
Model: Model Anastasia Botalova
Set Designer: Nataly Paouk

Wardrobe Credits:
1, 2 Dress – Ksenia Dorogova
3, 4, 5 Dress – Ksenia Dorogova , Shoes – Zara
6, 7 Sweater – Ksenia Dorogova
8 Coat – Ksenia Dorogova, Shoes – Zara
9 Sweater + Coat – Ksenia Dorogova
10, 11 Dress + Coat – Ksenia Dorogova, shoes – Zara

Light – the color is white. Dark – the color is black. Every canvas begins with an absence of color, this so happens to be ours. Thinking about how these two color sets go together would take more time to write than the history of mankind. Each and every strobe of light dances across our lives creating an atmosphere of love and tranquility.

Best selling American author Augustine ‘Og’ Mandino once wrote: ‘I will love the light for it shows me the way, yet I will love the darkness for it shows me the stars.’ This was the very inspirational quote that got me and my team thinking more about how darkness and light play an important role in our everyday lives.

The starlight that we get to enjoy on a clear night fulls us up with an unexplained warmness. As children we learn that the lights in the sky are thousands upon thousands of stars that have traveled the great vastness of space to dazzle us. Since the dawn of time, mankind has been looking toward the sky. The stars at night have helped explores discover new parts of our world and have helped many people tell folk stories and fairy tales.

One always questions: Where would we be without light? For if we are in darkness we would know no beauty, no life and most of all no love. The wonderment of what stories the stars hold for us, has been brought down here, at home via this photo shoot. It explores that same warmth that we have all felt as children when looking up at the night sky. The model’s expressions draws you in, and the light keeps you there.

The way the soft shadows are cast, the way the light plays in the background, all important in telling the same stories that the stars have been giving us since the dawn of time. Playing around with the concept of light and dark is not groundbreaking, but the way it is done here pushes that light spectrum envelope even further.

Looking at the background of each of these photos tells us a different story. The story of great hope and a sense that we are not alone in this vast space that we call home. The deep stare combined with the makeup that reflects the light lets the admirer see the beauty that is within. Every twist, every turn, the model and the dress reflect what we can only describe as ‘starlight’.

Colors that come out of the dress have been projected onto the background, she gives us a hint of what it truly means to be free. The intensity of each and every pose that the model strikes allows us to see within her beautiful soul. They say that a painting is worth one thousand words, well this photo shoot is worth one million words. It is as great as the vastness of space. From the makeup and hairstyle to the clothing and the photo shoot location. The stories will continue for as long as there is light and darkness in all of our lives.

Letting the light absorbed into the clothing, it releases that same warmth that each of us has had when we were children looking up at the night sky. This warmth from glimpsing at the stars from far away. The retelling of the stories of old and new, the stars will always be with us and the darkness will be there to allow us to see the light.


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